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“As unique individuals our lived experiences can be very challenging. This website provides Orynoco’s focused Life Force Energy products to assist your conscious self-development along with other valuable resources for your consciousness quest.”

– Malcolm Bosher, Founder
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What drives our Conscious Tech… a brief explanation of Transition State Elements

“In the next phase of our human development we will need to explore the quantum field”

Who we are

Orynoco is a team dedicated to exploring and developing conscious technology to help restore flow, coherence and vitality to our energetic and biological systems.

Subtle information fields discovered through plasma physics are at the heart of this conscious technology.

Based on our research we have developed applications to assist your connection to the subtle fields of energetic information underlying our material world.

Our products are designed to make a range of qualities generated by these fields bio-available for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Connecting back to the Field of Boundless Energy

The life force energy that surrounds us and informs all biological life on earth is supported and organised by subtle informational fields.
We believe these fields express intelligence of nature and that the quality of our conscious connection with these fields can significantly influence our health as well as our felt experience of the Universe.
Our trials show that when people make contact with light encoded information at a quantum level with the support of Orynoco applications they can access optimal states of wholeness.

Conscious Tools for Healing and Wellbeing

Our products enable access to a range of information fields that can help naturally restore and re-tune your subtle energy bodies, which in turn supports and upholds your physical health.


What quantum physics teaches us is
that everything we thought was
physical is not physical.

Bruce Lipton PhD

Our Transition

Modern life exposes us to many emotional and mental stressors, toxins, and pollutants. Humanity has drifted away from a natural state of living in balance with nature’s life-giving information fields. Our rapid separation from the natural world can manifest as states of energetic incoherence, stress and illness.
At Orynoco we believe when you come into conscious contact with the subtle information fields that organise our Universe you can rapidly experience renewal, repair and an awakening of awareness, a mode of being that once existed on our planet for all plants, creatures and beings.

Light brings us the news of the Universe.

Sir William Bragg – KBE 1915 Nobel Prize in Physics

How do our Products work?

Light is an information highway.

Orynoco follows the principle that matter is a manifestation of light and vibratory harmonics.

All elements in the periodic table can be measured on the electro magnetic spectrum and expressed as light in Spectroscopy, the study of light and its interactions with matter. Our research shows that both light and matter hold discrete subtle information fields. 

Our products make use of Elements in a Transition State which have subtle fields that are highly bioavailable.

Transition State Elements (TSE)

Orynoco has extensively researched and developed the processes for creation of Transition State Elements to make information fields highly available.

These fields help restore and re-tune missing, damaged or corrupted information in our subtle energy bodies.

Transition State Elements (TSE) Crystals with a Metaphorical Tuning Fork Resonance Device

Life Force Technology for the 21st century

This is a bottle of TSE. It holds a liquid that has quantum qualities. This means it is able to generate an information field which people, animals and plants can tap into in order to rebalance their energetic systems.

Because it has a quantum quality it transmits its information as a field.

When the Life Force-Field of any biological system resonates with TSE information fields this is usually experienced by our users including pets as calming, balancing and restorative.

"Orynoco envisions TSE technology as a communication highway for consciousness to interface with a field of information that underlies the beauty and intelligence of nature and space - the blueprint
of creation itself."

We all find it hard to quieten our minds

By using the Quantum Loop it is possible to access in a few minutes the same information fields as adept meditators.

Making the Connection

The magnetic gravitational field of your heart is your primary connection to the quantum information field.

When you combine a conscious intention with the communication superhighway of Transition State Elements you have access to a potent synergy that can shift your reality and the quality of your human experience.

"All that I am is constantly remembering all that I am. Relax into this innate wisdom and open a door to the endless possibilities available within the field."
- Cat Waddell, co-founder