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Agricultural Reactor Type 1

Agricultural Reactor Type 1

The potential for growing plants and crops by creating an optimised energetic environment in and around them is immense. It holds myriads of possibilities for enhanced vitality, mineral content, yields, and even a reduction in pests. For ages we have endeavoured to supply plants with their basic chemical necessities and to help them fend off insects and diseases in various physical ways. We believe the agricultural sciences of the future are those which address the subtle level of energies and information that all of the physical matter components arise from. To do otherwise is like us humans trying to stay healthy with physical nourishment alone. Humans need subtler levels of nourishment that can be seen or measured. Things like love, caring, forgiveness. We believe plants are no different and that they respond to nourishing fields of subtle life force energy and information much as us huamns do. Our Conscious Tech creates a bridge between these two vital forms of nourishment… the physical and the subtle.


Optimised energetic environments are necessary for the health of all living organisms. As an analogy, first just imagine yourself in an extremely abusive environment devoid of love and nourishment of any type. This type of environment would represent the opposite of an optimised energetic environment. The energy would not be healthy for you. Should you remain in such an environment for very long your psychological, emotional and eventually your physical health and wellbeing would all begin to suffer greatly. Now imagine yourself in a very loving and supportive environment. This type of environment would represent something close to an optimised energetic environment. The energy would indeed be healthy for you. Should you remain in such an environment for very long your psychological, emotional and eventually your physical health and wellbeing would all begin to improve greatly. If you already had good health in all these areas it would be maintained and further enhanced.

Now also imagine that the people involved in supplying you with this loving environment also went some extra steps beyond just being loving and kind. Imagine that they care so deeply about you that they diligently seek to know about your every need and requirement. Then, once they have discovered what it is that you most need and want, they put all of themselves into obtaining it and delivering it to you. Wouldn’t that be incredible? It surely would be a healthy environment beyond what most of us have ever experienced.


Agricultural Reactor Type 2

Agricultural Reactor Type 2

In a like manner we believe that our Orynoco Agricultural Reactors naturally produce a flow of life force energy and information fields between themselves and the 3 nature realms of soil, plant and atmosphere. The subtle life force energy and information fields of the reactors make connections to the soil, the plants and the atmosphere in the vicinity. We contend that there’s a form of intelligence involved in these exchanges and connections and that your own innate intentional intelligence is part of this equation.

The subtle fields of information that are inherent within the reactors life force energy serve as a starting point. From here the energetic interactions become something similar to the loving, caring and nurturing people in our analogy.

Except that in this case, instead of going out to obtain what the soil, plants and atmosphere need most, they simply supply the missing energetic harmonics and components which then brings the energetic environment into an optimal state of balance. In this optimised energetic environment the soils, plants and atmosphere undergo a form self-repair and re-vitalisation.


The main Transition State Elements (TSE) used in our reactors are related to the elements of Carbon and Oxygen (CO2 TSE – balance), Zinc (ZnO TSE – calm), Iron (CH3 TSE – vitality), and Magnesium (Magnesium TSE). These are chemical names that we relate to as elements and molecules. However, on another subtler level of reality they also refer to differing field strengths of life force energy and it’s related natural information fields. Plants are 42-45% Carbon, 45% Oxygen, 6% Hydrogen and 0.1-0.6% Nitrogen, (total c.96%). It therefore stands to reason that the Carbon and Oxygen TSE life force information fields may be able to directly interact with and bring balance to the primary systems in a plant. We have generally obeserved that the aerial parts of a plant tend to respond best to the CO2 TSE/ZnO TSE (connects with air and light elements), whereas the root parts of plants respond better to the CH3 TSE or Nitrogen TSE. You can thus plan how you add additional life force energy and information connections into your agricultural operations based on this general conceptual guidance.


Agricultural Reactor Type 3

Agricultural Reactor Type 3

We therefore are proposing a mechanism of action for our reactors whereby a natural balancing exchange type of dynamic gets set up by the TSE materials which the reactors contain. These energy and information flow exchanges could then optimise the field strength environment around a plant, providing relevant life force energy and information for balancing elements, growth, stabilising temperatures, and controlling pests as needed. When a plant is happy and healthy it does not ‘invite’ natures way of recycling it, which is through pests, pathogens and disease conditions.


The life force energy and information fields themselves aren’t artificially generated by the reactors or any of our Conscious Tech. They instead naturally emanate from the Transition State Elements (TSE). This is because the TSE are in a unique matter state condition whereby their life force energy and information fields are quite readily bio-available. This is sort of like the information being stored on an unenencrypted hard drive whereby it can be read freely by whatever system needs it. These life force fields are thus ‘open’ and can thus convey the full body of information that characterizes the particular TSE(s) that is/are being used. Each type of TSE has it’s own unique life force information field. These fields also interact with each other in interesting and beneficial ways.


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