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Anne M. – Wholeness Support Unit – Shared User Experience

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Anne’s First Review

Anne M. Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) Feedback - 1st Written ReviewMy rental of Orynoco’s Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) started at the beginning of August (2021).

Initially, I got the WSU in order to generate energy in my home for the purpose of creativity support and enhancement. However, during these last two weeks, I have actually used it for physical healing purposes.

When I set up the unit, I immediately felt the energy of the WSU. The energy was so strong that it actually was quite overpowering. It reminded me of an energy I encountered when I visited the Wailing Wall a couple years back. I can’t say it was the same energy because everyone will interpret different energies differently. However, for me, that’s how I interpreted the strength of the energy coming out of the Wholeness Support Unit.

For this reason, I switched my intention to physical healing purposes. I will focus on creativity in the latter half of this month (and so that will be the focus of my second review in future).

For this review, I’m focusing, therefore, on the physical experience of the Wholeness Support Unit, which I found to be quite astounding. Because I hadn’t prepared to take the physical healing route, I haven’t been strategic in my meditation or intention setting. However, I give a very brief intention–very brief– and then get sitting with my favourite book.

In the first five days, I found the WSU energy to be so powerful that it took quite a lot of staying power to remain within the centre of the WSU longer than twenty minutes. But, as the first week progressed, I felt more acclimated to the energy and could extend my sitting time to an hour. During the sittings, I realised the TSE Calm and/or Balance charged water helped my physical body resonate with the energy the WSU emitted. So, I sipped on charged water prior to sitting in the centre of the WSU as well as during the sitting. I also found that if I continued to sip on the water throughout the evening after my sitting, the energy would continue to generate its healing properties in my space even without the WSU facing me.

I’m now at the end of the first two weeks of using the WSU, and although I still feel the vibrancy of energy emanating from it, it’s not as overpowering as it had been when I first started. I’d like to think it’s due to a combination of getting used to it, the vials, and my space becoming more acclimated to it.

I haven’t noticed any specific healing physical differences, but I also did not set specific intentions. Instead, I trusted that the energy would permeate and iron out, as it were, any anomalies in my aura that needed ironing out.

Orynoco has been extremely helpful in offering guidance and best practice suggestions to get the most of the WSU.

Thank you very much.
Anne M.

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