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By Conscious TechQuantum LoopUser Experiences

Assortment of Written Quantum Loop Shared User Experiences

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Here you’ll find various tidbits of feedback from people have been using our Quantum Loop for coping with numerous problems and injuries and for meditation, consciousness expansion, achieving greater degrees of wholeness and assorted other purposes.

We’ve assembled the more salient snippets of these into the video above which you can sit back and watch. If you wish to read the entire text of these snippets click the ‘Hide/Show Unedited Text’ button below.

Disclaimer: These products and our statements about them have not been evaluated by the USA FDA, the UK’s MHRA or the EU’s EMA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor before using any product. This testimonial reflects the experience of the individual(s) who used our products. Individual results may vary and the results represented herein may not be typical of what you can expect. The person giving this testimonial participated in a free trial study of our products.

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

  31 August 2020


The Orynoco Quantum Loop is a very interesting experience, I meditate each morning to connect to the stillness … and also whilst moving through my tasks during the day, imbuing my creations with my awareness. I’m cultivating a more grounded connection to existence at the moment, so I was excited to discover this Quantum Loop to assist me with a deeper practice.

As I’m working with more relaxing energies right now, so as advised I created a circle and sat inside, legs crossed to tune in. It was so interesting as the Quantum Loop circle had an impact on me straight away. I felt a sense of soft security and an ability to focus like I haven’t had for a long while. I found the Quantum Loop gave me a much more complete sense of being held. It was an experience for me where I felt nothing could penetrate this orb that was invisibly surrounding me. I found it easier to tune into meditation as my body and mind were much more concentrated. The time I could have spent in meditation seemed like it could extend to a much longer period, if I so wished – so I would recommend if you’d like to concentrate your energy or find your mind wanders during meditation.

The designers too are very helpful with questions and ideas on how to use it best to suit your particular state. I have also learnt sleeping with the Quantum Loop in a coil is particularly potent, as I’m a person who dreams a lot this is fascinating. There are more shapes I have still to discover, whilst doing more energetic clearing exercises … but so far with even a simple circle and coil, I am very grateful to have access to this wonderful tool. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a deeper experience in meditation. Also to work with this interesting, unique technology, that feels very natural. ~ Emma Leafe, Ume

  22 July 2020


My wife loves to use the (Quantum) Loop. With it she has a better focused and deeper meditation. Great product. ~ a Director of Swiss Harmony

  22 July 2020


Morning Sunshines ☀️ Hope all is well with y’alls today. On Saturday I walked into the pressure cleaner and yanked my little toe in a bad way. ???? yes and more…. the bruising and pain was immediate as was the swelling around my foot and ankle. Yikes!! I didn’t take anything or put arnica on it, I reached for my trusty (Quantum) LOOP. Yes and thank goodness I have it. Its now Wednesday,  I have no bruising, very little pain and can get my foot into my sneakers again ?? Thank you Orynoco for healing my foot without medical measures. ~ Christine

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

  12 March 2019


At first it (Quantum Loop) made me feel super heavy… my intention was to release any blocks, trapped emotions and fears for my audition today. Then I could feel huge releases. Then I was light again! ~ Karis (Yoga Teacher)

  12 March 2019


Meditating with the belt has helped! I generally use it with the intention of regulating my nervous system, coming into balance, and it is effective. ~ Blanche (Yoga Teacher)

  12 March 2019


Everytime I use the belt it gives me something slightly different – from overt movement patterns while I in a seated meditation, to an overwhelming sense of peace & calm within – I always come out of a session feeling centred, balanced & nourished from within . ~ Hely (Yoga Instructor)

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

  12 February 2019


Hi Catrina and Malcolm, it is so kind of you to give me a Quantum Loop which I have been trying out hence my acknowledgement of your gift not being immediate. The energy within the loop changes and it can last for three days on decreasing power. I believe that more energy moves into my feet enabling me to walk better. I have to wait for the energy to “settle” before walking otherwise I am wobbly as usual.

I am also affected psychologically as when sitting within the loop I feel that the most important thing in the world is what is happening here and now. This could help people who suffer from anxiety. Thank you for your offer of some TSE. I dowsed on the four in your letter and Zinc and Iron came up as beneficial for me. I found the talk very interesting. Thank you for your generosity, I will pass on any other info. If anything arises. With best wishes ~ Angels

  23 January 2019


Dear Malcolm, many thanks for the very interesting talk on TSE and healing.  I have been wearing my pink loop at night and am feeling much more robust and energised from it!  I also burnt my wrist on the oven so put it on that for a while – later noticed it had healed up – so quickly – and just left a lovely red scar.  amazing…  Is it possible to get hold of a smaller loop to put round my water jug, to energise it?? Many thanks ~ Gabrielle Symonds

  22 November 2018


Well that was very interesting! Only thing is I also did a yoga nidra workshop on Saturday afternoon so pretty chilled as I’ve been continuing with the 6/6 breathing sessions. Felt definite powerful downwards energy from loop and my face and legs had a light prickly tingling sensation. When I opened the loop it was like there was an open door in front of me and I could sense my energy floating sideways. So I thought it’s just because I can see it’s open so I turned my back on it so that I was facing the loop and still the same. Then I closed the loop and immediately felt the downwards pull and tingling. The smaller loop was definitely much stronger and also my energy felt contained within a column. My body felt much stronger and upright. Think would be really good to use when I get home after working at school. I’ll test it out and report back. Also wonder if makes you more focused on a task for example. ~ Theresa (Special Needs Teacher & Yoga Practitioner)

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

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  • Joe Hayes says:

    I do several monthly long car journeys between one and half to three hours seated in the car and always feel quite stiff with aching leg and shoulder muscles by the end of the journey. I started using the Quantum Loop on the car seat with amazing results, feeling much less stress because of no stiffness or muscle cramp making the drive much more relaxing.

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