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Ben Rayner – How Conscious Tech Works and Helped Me Shared User Experience

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Ben participated in a free trial of the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU), Transition State Elements (TSE), and the Quantum Loop. He speaks honestly about his results up to the point where this video was made in May 2020.

Ben suffered from multiple conditions and problems that were compounding their adverse effects and making life miserable for him. It began with Hepatitis C and then progressed to needing to detox from the extensive meds required to clear the Hepatatis. As you’ll see in this video, Ben believes that the Orynoco tech like the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) have been quite instrumental in helping him succeed on his journey back to wholeness.

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Ben’s Unedited Videos

Below you’ll find the unedited videos used to produce the edited video above so you can see we haven’t altered this users intent or meaning.

Full Presentation

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Feb. – May  2020

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  • Joe Hayes says:

    I was deeply touched listening to you speak of all the experiences you have been through, and the different modalities and treatments you have tried until you were led to the Wholeness Support Unit and Orynoco products. Having a recent rental agreement myself for the Unit I’m finding, as you so eloquently stated, it’s not another healing modality but generates a field and frequency allowing the body to rebalance and heal itself. As you found, having a clear intentions with the Orynoco products is so important.

    We all have an amazing pharmacy within us to heal so much of what we are subjected to and often drugs and their side effects don’t allow the wholeness healing to take place.

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