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Bronwyn Jones D.O. N.D. – Osteopathy Shared User Experience

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Bronwyn is a licensed Naturopath and certified Osteopath who has her own clinic, Alresford Osteopath. She participated in a free trial study of the Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) in her Osteopathy clinical practice. She speaks honestly about her results up to the point where this video was made in November 2020.

Of particular interest in what Bronwyn shares in this video is how the WSU helped her access subtle field information for her clients more quickly, how she feels more energetically supported and ‘held’ by the frequencies in her clinic now, and how some of her clients have also reported this same sense of additional energetic support despite them not being at all aware of the addition of the WSU in the clinic.

We are very encouraged by such results being reported by a professional practitioner of Osteopathy.

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Bronwyn’s Unedited Videos

Below you’ll find the unedited videos used to produce the edited video above so you can see we haven’t altered this users intent or meaning.

Clinical Experience 1

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November  2020

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  • Joe Hayes says:

    Bronwyn, Such a beautiful explanation of the Wholeness Support Unit and clips showing your treatment room. I’m renting the WSU tripods and receiving such benefit and have a close friend who has set up their treatment room with the 4 wall Units as you have. I’m definitely aware of the more refined energy in his consulting room.

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