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30th October, 2020 – The following is hereby appended to the text found under the heading ‘4. Security’

From time to time we must provide access to the administration area of our website to 3rd party technical support representatives for the purpose of helping us to resolve any technical issues that arise which are related to WordPress plugins or the theme being used on the site. Such access is granted only for a specified period of time required to resolve the specific problem for which we have requested technical support and then it is revoked. These technical support representatives are bound by the privacy policies and ethics of the companies they are with as well as under GDPR laws and regulations. However, unauthorised access which may be in violation of GDPR guidelines and regulations to our customer data by such technical support representatives could possibly occur without our knowledge or consent. Should we ever discover such access has occurred we would notify all persons whose data may have been affected as soon as possible and we would inform the relevant authorities regards the activities and identity of any intruding parties.

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Region CA not activated for privacy-statement.

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