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8 February 2019


Re Pod (Cocoon) session for a friend of mine:   female, age 62, single, lives alone with 4 rescue dogs, suffers from ME, type 2 diabetes and currently very stressed due to building work in her house. Very sensitive lady but has put that to one side while she copes with building work and various other challenges over the past year. It was CO2 relax and balance, she sprayed and set the intention, I helped her sort herself out in the pod, put on some relaxing Reiki-type music and left her alone in the pod in my living room for around 40 minutes. I heard her snoring a couple of times so I guess she drifted off! She said that as soon as she got into the pod, her chakras started tingling and shifting, and her third eye in particular seemed to be activated. She relaxed very deeply. She saw creatures such as dragons and unicorns. She had flashes of other places, other times – not enough to “grab” any of them, but people, places, scenes …

Her left hand, where she suffers from arthritis, became very painful for a while, and then the pain subsided. She felt she was twitching a lot – being pulled around and physically re-balanced / re-aligned. She was VERY spacey when she came out – I sat her on the sofa, fed her tea and talked her back down to earth (literally!), which took a while. I have asked for follow-up, have not yet heard back, I will chase tomorrow. I asked her to tell me what intention she set if it was not too personal, she said she asked to be balanced across all time, all ages, all dimensions. ~ Judy Sharp

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

31 August 2018

Malcolm, you have given this lovely energy tent to us and to me, and asked for a report. It is such a pleasure to give it, as it is as well a beautiful way to stay in touch 🙂 Your tent and the pine plasma is a real blessing for me! I joyful use it every day for about an hour by now. Once I tried to sleep in it, but this didn’t work. I could not find any sleep. Of course in many aspects I cannot distinguish what is the effect due to the Tibetan Pulsing Intensive and what is it the plasma (TSE) does to me. But one thing I can say for sure. When I am in my normal Parimal state of living, I usually feel like a swimmer in an ocean, by all sides surrounded by waves and not able to see beyond the next wave. Not well oriented and rather struggling to cope. Even when I am alone in my little flat, I am in the Parimal vibration.

Anadi once did a Human Design Reading for me and I understood that I am open in most of my energy centers, taking in everybody’s emotions, impulses, all kinds of beautiful and also heavy energies. Now, when I am in the tent, after having expressed my intention, I feel very clear, having to deal only with my own little waves. What a release! I have the opportunity to feel, to “digest”, to reflect, to simply be – with what is my very personal stuff. It is deeply relaxing and gives the feeling of being centered, and very open to insights out off nowhere. It is not always pleasant with many old things coming up, but it is so good to go through this deep cleansing. And everything happens without drama, very smoothly. And at other times it is simply nice and refreshing. It is amazing that I can go in with the feeling of being exhausted, finished, not able to do anything more this day, and I come out motivated to go for the next thing to do. Thank you so much!!! Hope you are doing well! Please, give my love to Catherine. ~ Divyam

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.

19 July 2017

It took some time to really get into the energy field of the cocoon but as soon as I synced with it time was running incredibly fast. I started to feel some sensations in my head, like movements inside. Then I saw something like a cord with a light bulb at the end that went inside my head. The bulb got stuck inside and the feeling was that someone from above was pulling to open my head. Just a few seconds after my head was open at the level of the crown. I really had the feeling that “they” were doing an energetic surgery on me and the though that came to my mind was: and now? are you going to leave my head open? You need to do something! Shortly after a space ship came right over my head. It was kind of empty inside but made of a structure with Sacred geometry patterns and some spots of light (blue, yellow and red) at very specific points. Soemthing happened inside my head and then I was pulled up into the light. I was travelling upward in the light at high speed when they called me because the session was over. It took a while to come back into my body. I was completely ungrounded. I felt exhausted right after. Ready to sleep. ~ Ria Dyaljot

DISCLAIMER: Individual results vary and could therefore be different than those you’re reading here.