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Degrees of Elemental Resonance in Subtle Energy Agricultural ApplicationsThe primary Transition State Elements (TSE) used in our Agricultural Reactors are related to the elements of Carbon and Oxygen (CO2 TSE – balance), Zinc (ZnO TSE – calm), Iron (CH3 TSE – vitality), and Magnesium (Magnesium TSE). These are the common names that we use to relate these elements and molecules. However, on another subtler level of reality they also refer to differing field strengths of primary life force energy and it’s related natural information fields.


Human Hemoglobin and Plant Chlorophyll Chemistry ComparisonPlants are generally 42-45% Carbon, 45% Oxygen, 6% Hydrogen and 0.1-0.6% Nitrogen, (total c.96%). It therefore stands to reason that the Carbon and Oxygen TSE life force information fields may be able to directly interact with and bring balance to the primary systems in a plant through varying their degrees of resonance with these elements and molecules. We have generally obeserved that the aerial parts of a plant tend to respond best to the CO2 TSE/ZnO TSE which connects with air and light processing elements. Whereas the root parts of plants tend to respond better to the CH3 TSE or Nitrogen TSE which connect to the elemental nutrient processing portions of the plant. Using this model allows you to plan how you’ll add additional life force energy and information field connections into your agricultural operations.


Resonance is defined as (Wikipedia):

…the phenomenon of increased amplitude that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts.”

Elemental Resonance of Water at an 11Hz FrequencyThat “periodically applied force” is the frequency of an energy applied to something. All frequency involved periodicity, in other words, a rhythm of energy occurring in a periodical cycle. When this type of energy is applied to a living system with components such as elemental minerals and the molecules they form, the frequencies of the latter interact with those of the applied energy. When you are using one or more of our Agricultural Reactors you are applying the energetic frequencies and fields of the TSE. These TSE frequencies, energies and informational fields are similar enough to the natural elements in soil, plants and atmosphere that they can establish a resonance with them. This resonance dynamic can then amplify those same natural beneficial frequencies within the soils, plants and atmosphere, or even re-establish them if they’re missing or weak. In our view this is one level of elemental resonance by which our TSE has been observed to work.

However, we believe that there is another second level of elemental resonance possible which is not currently recognised by science. This is the resonance which can be established between the superluminal or faster than light patterns of subtle energy and information fields, and the soils, plants and atmosphere (or anything else) that represent those faster than light patterns. These superluminal patterns of life force energy information fields are the pure original blueprints for everything in existence. We’ve observed that when proper resonance can be established between these pure archetypes of life force energy information fields and their matter counterparts, some very special dynamics indeed can occur. These dynamics are also very much inter-connected with your own consciousness energy fields and thus your intentions. As an operator of the Agricultural Reactor System you’re therefore much more than a mere observer. You are an integral part of the resonance circuitry being established and the director of the exchange all at the same time.

That is currently our most informed understanding and conclusions for explaining the phenomenon we have witnessed and experienced relative to our conscious tech like the Agricultural Reactor System.

IMAGE CREDIT: Jordi Torrents / CC BY-SA


What our Conscious Tech does is akin to returning your plants, crops and their environment to their optimal state state of health and function. This is where everything exists in a pure state of energy and information. If you resonate with what you’re reading here, we invite you to join us in further developing this incredible technology and at the same time you’ll get to try using it on your garden or crops.


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  • I really resonate with the agricultural and ecosystem restoration potential of your conscious tech. along with the human healing potential. I am excited to further explore and experiment with your tech here on our farm in France. We have been working with subtle energies and conscious intention and incorporate these concepts into our educational work with volunteers and groups who come to Virsoleil for personal healing and to learn about restoring ecosystems. I really appreciate your dedication and transparency in your work.

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