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Our Ethos Overview

Orynoco was born out of a desire to co-create a new paradigm of technological reality that supports wholeness and an evolution of human consciousness. You, as our customer, are always going to be our first priority because that type of focus is paramount to such a new paradigm.

At Orynoco good business and ethics go hand in hand. We believe that businesses should be aware of their social, economic and environmental impact and their responsibilities to pursue the social good in the world and their local communities.

This ethos thus defines how our ethical values shape, inform and guide our business and the way we operate.

At the core of our value system is a belief in transparency, fairness and inclusion. This means we will never engage any hard sell practices. It means we will strive to keep our prices fair and affordable.  Perhaps most importantly, it also means that we’ll always listen to our customers.

Our Ethos in the Workplace

We are committed to providing a workplace culture that reflects our values of fairness, equity, inclusion, compassion and non-discrimination. We strive to ensure that our employees feel safe and never have to endure any harassment or bullying. We ensure that our employees are free to discuss their concerns about our operations internally or externally with our management team without any fear of consequences.

Our Ethos and a Living Wage

We are a Living Wage Employer. We are committed to paying our employees a wage that adequately and comfortably meets their costs of living versus just having them settle for the government’s minimum wage requirement.

Our Ethos and Our Partners and Suppliers

We’re committed to developing and maintaining business relationships with high quality suppliers and partners, those who themselves are also committed to operating under ethical and environmental standards equivalent to our own. This must include the fair treatment of their customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Ethos and Our Customers

  • Our commitments to you as our customer are:
  • To always treating you fairly.
  • To make sure you are always heard, listened to and understood.
  • To communicating clearly with you in plain language that you can understand.
  • To be transparent with you about any fees or charges and to keep them reasonable.
  • To invite you to help us design and improve our products and services to better serve you.

Our Ethos and Our Unique Technologies

Our technology is designed and built with a deeply ethical purpose and intention. We exist to produce technology that can support you in improving and maintaining your wholeness and balance on all levels as well as enhance your efforts towards evolving your consciousness.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the benefits of our technology can be shared equitably across all aspects of the human population globally.

We are committed to promoting and maintaining human rights and dignity in the production and implementation of our technologies.

Our ethos includes being vigilant regards protecting people while they are using our unique new paradigm technologies.

Our Ethos and Your Data

We are committed to using and maintaining the best available processes to protect your personal data, as well as the sensitive data of any other businesses that we may deal with.