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Helen Argent – Quantum Loop Shared User Experience

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Helen has been a participant in a free trial of the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) and Quantum Loop. In the first video she shares her experiences and results as of December 2020 with the Quantum Loop for coping with numerous problems and injuries. In the second video Helen shares her experiences and results with the Quantum Loop as of May 2021. She made some nice  progress.

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  • Joe Hayes says:

    Thank you Helen for your honesty sharing your experience with the Quantum Loop. I fine I have been greatly assisted in wrapping it around my waist at night and feel the same as you that during the night there is a healing and regenerating going on. I have also used it loosely around my neck during sleep and don’t wake in the morning with the usual neck and shoulder stiffness. More recently I have placed the loop in the car seat when I am on a long drive and it definitely relieves the stiffness of sitting in the same position for hours.

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