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Here in our Learning Centre you’ll find conceptual, theoretical and experimental discussion papers and articles wherein we share our ideas and beliefs regards our Conscious Tech and why it may be working the way it indeed seems to. You’ll also find a glossary of the various terms used on this site to explain what they are and in what context(s) we tend use them. We have even provided you with quite a number of off-site links that are some of the best we know of in this area of technology to help you further learn how our Conscious Tech may be of help to you and why.

Conscious Tech Concepts

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  • Definition of the Energy Fields

Life Force Information Fields: this term Life Force Energy is used in mainstream science and speaks to an energy that is everywhere all at once therefore not bound by matter, space or time. This is what we can call the hyper-physical fields that the Transition State Elements express. Such a field has qualities and therefore information which are available to living systems and are easily received in this state.

The term Life Force Information relates well to the scientific term Non-Local Fields which are derivatives that also relate to this same concept.

  • Definition of Transition State Elements

Transition State Elements (TSE): these are elements that we feel have been converted into a high energy state of matter which could be based on a relativity (e=mc2) constant that’s faster than the ordinary speed of light. If we’re correct, then these elements are therefore at least partially superluminal in nature.

As such, these TSE elements should be able to establish a higher level energy resonance between physical matter states and their hyper-physical counterparts. We’re suggesting that these hyper-physical counterparts are where the original informational fields for physical matter are held.

Therefore, as the TSE establish such resonance with these hyper-physical Life Force Information Fields, this then enables the hyper-physical level to share these fields freely with the physical level of matter. We thus feel (and this is backed up by our empirical experience) that it’s possible for organic biological systems to receive these hyper-physical primary information fields to re-inform, re-vitalise, re-nourish and re-balance themselves. In such manner biological systems are enabled and empowered to then process and transmute any dysfunctional interference patterns that might otherwise prevent their proper biological functioning.

As part of our TSE hypothesis, our experiences would also suggest that mechanical systems involving water, fuel or electricity can also be brought into resonance with their hyper-physical informational fields to be cleaned and realigned to a more coherent and entrained or vitalised and natural state.

From this perspective, the substances that we relate to in the physical matter state which we call elements, can simply be viewed as expressions of hyper-physical  energy and information manifesting as physical matter, which is represented as varying field strengths that are being expressed as atomic mass (atoms).

If we remove the elemental labels what remains is a beautiful world of pure energetic field interactions and relationships. The primary relationships and interactions are between the hyper-physical level of matter and the physical level of matter. The secondary relationships and interactions are between the various field strengths which have manifested as physical matter elements.

In this model of reality if we stimulate existing matter elements to interact more directly with their hyper-physical counterparts, the field interactions that result can be used to our great benefit.

Conscious Tech Articles

Harvesting Treasure from the Fields of Subtle Energy & Information

  • Harvesting Treasures from the Fields

We exist within a sea of energy and information fields that is, for all intents and purposes, infinite in nature. The vast majority of this energy and information exists in subtler states of reality than our five senses can easily detect, and it largely escapes detection by even the most sensitive and advanced scientific instruments humanity has devised.

  • Myths & Science

When Myths Become ScienceMyths abound about the nature of this subtler level of energy and information and what actually exists within its ‘realm.’ These explorations and discussions had for aeons been strictly the bastion of religion, psychics, conjurers, metaphysicians, spirits and daemons. This all changed, however, with the advent of the scientific discoveries of atomic and subatomic particles and the quantum energies associated with them.

Today the complexity of quantum mechanics and quantum and cosmological sciences has unfortunately become the realm of highly advanced mathematicians alone. There is no longer any room for creative thought, imagination and new explorations guided by the same. It’s all science by the numbers and the numbers are held prisoner to formulas that tend to go around in ever tighter and more convoluted circles. Yet, the subtle fields of energy and information remain ubiquitous throughout the universe and unhindered by our silly math formulas just waiting for us to harvest their abundant beneficial treasures.

Human Biology is a Finely Tuned Scientific Instrument for Detecting Subtle Energy & Information

Science does actually theoretically recognize the existence of these fields in various ways now. The problem is that any scientific attempts to experiment or interact with such subtle realms of energy and information have become hopelessly encumbered with myriads of layers of math, abstract concepts, politics and funding motives. This condition unfortunately obscures the beautiful simplicity of nature and the gifts she has waiting for us in these realms. There is truly treasure to be harvested from these all-pervasive subtle fields of energy and information. The solutions to a great many of the problems we face in the world could lie within these subtler domains of reality if we would but open our minds and hearts to the possibilities inherent within them.

We really do not need to develop any more sensitive scientific instruments so that these subtle energies can be detected and worked with either. This is because our human mind and physiology is completely capable of sensing them and interacting with them quite organically. We simply need to open up to more of our natural abilities along these lines and learn how to further develop them.

  • Simple Technology for Complex Problems

Subtle Fields of Energy & Information as a Source of Beneficial Elements and Harmonics that HealFurther, we have discovered that it’s also possible to create some rather simple technology (Orynoco Conscious Tech) that serves as an interface with these subtler realms of reality, and which is additionally a source of highly beneficial subtle energy and information fields all by itself. As an interface, it facilitates a stronger and clearer point of access to these subtle levels of reality, and it creates stronger connections between these realms and our conscious thoughts, feelings and intentions than we might otherwise create without many years of practice and training in becoming an adept.

As a source of energy and information itself it also acts as a higher form of the elements supplying vitally important information in the form of sets of subtle vibrational harmonics that can be used by living biological systems to complete areas that may be missing information and energy. This then creates a balanced field of subtle energy and information, when previously it was out of balance. Wholeness is a condition of balance, and therefore it cannot exist without a proper balance being struck.

  • As Above, So Below

As Above, So BelowIn the ancient Hermetic sciences there was an axiom that went like this: “as above so below.” There are many different interpretations of this profound bit of wisdom. The one that we believe applies here is that these subtle fields of energy and information we’ve been speaking about are the “above” in that statement, and the matter level which is more tangible represents the “below.” In other words, it’s the subtler level of energy and information that acts like a template or blueprint for what’s manifesting as tangible matter.

Therefore, if the subtle energy and information fields of a biological system, whether plant or animal, are not whole and complete… problems will ensue on a physical biological level as well. An apt analogy is building a house with an incomplete or faulty set of blueprints. In such a case the house will also have faults and problems. If you correct the blueprints and then send the builders and their workers back to make the house match them, the faults and problems with the house will have been resolved.

  • Pure Energy & Information Beyond Corruption

The Flower of Life - A Pure Template or Blueprint for LifeWe also believe there is a level of these subtle energy and information fields that’s beyond corruption from the processes of life on our planet. We call this the superluminal, or faster than light realms. This is what we call the hyper-physical levels you will see mentioned here and there on this website if you spend enough time here.

It is in these realms that the perfect blueprint for any biological system is always maintained. We have endeavoured to create our Conscious Tech in such a way that it can open access into these realms and interface them with biological systems, thereby downloading a fresh set of blueprints and over-writing the older corrupted ones. Given a fresh set of blueprints any biological system can then rebuild its house to perfection.

  • The Way of the Future

This is the primary goal of Orynoco in pursuing what we have been so diligently now for a few years. We believe this to be the way of the future and the new sciences all wrapped in one. If we’re right, we will soon be collectively harvesting treasures from the subtle fields of energy and information to create the new world of our dreams. Join us in making this a reality!

~ The Orynoco Team

Glossary of Terms

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    • Amino Acid Structures: regards Orynoco tech, these are oily substances that can be found floating on the top of some of our TSE production cells. We believe that these oily substances consist of a molecule that’s similar to, or the same as amino acids, and can therefore be used beneficially in many different applications along with TSE.
    • Biophotons: biophotons are ultraweak photon emissions from biological systems. They are therefore weak electromagnetic wave energy that is within the visible spectrum of light in most cases although some have been measured in ultraviolet wavelengths that are not visible to most humans. The living cells of plants, animals and humans emit these biophotons which are too weak to be seen by the naked eye. The light from biophoton emissions can, however, be detected and measured with highly specialised equipment.

      The existence of biophotons was first discovered in 1923 by the Russian scientist Professor Alexander G. Gurvich. He referred to them as “mitogenetic rays”. His discovery was further researched throughout Europe and the USA in the 1930’s. Since the 1970s interest in them has been re-awakened. The existence of biophotons has been further supported by ample experimental evidence developed by numerous European scientists.

      In 1974 the German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved the existence of biophotons beyond a reasonable doubt. He also demonstrated that biophotons had their origins in the DNA. He also later further showed fairly conclusively that biophotons were a form of coherent light, the same as are lasers. Coherent light has a high capacity for transmitting and transferring information. Popp’s biophoton theory and discoveries have therefore resulted in many amazing new insights into biological life processes and their relationship to light and electromagnetic spectrum of energy.

      The importance of the discovery of biophotons and the elucidation of their nature and origin has also now been further confirmed by such well-respected scientists as Herbert Froehlich and Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine. Since 1992 the International Institute of Biophysics based in Germany has been coordinating research in this rapidly-developing field. This institute is comprised of a network of different research laboratories located in at least ten other countries other than Germany.

    • Casimir Effect: in quantum field theory, the Casimir effect and the Casimir–Polder force are physical forces arising from a quantized field. They are named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir, who predicted them in 1948. The Casimir Effect experiment demonstrated interaction (net force) between two uncharged conductive plates in the vacuum condition, without an external field. This Casimir effect is also observed in water, gas and any medium supporting oscillations. We believe that the Casimir Effect is at play between the various metal plates in our TSE production cells and can explain some of the observed effects.
    • Conscious Tech: any technology that is created, applied and used in a highly conscious manner in conjunction with specific intention(s) and a higher integrity of purpose. Orynoco’s Conscious Tech represents this and we believe it represents a new wave of emerging science in our world.
    • Field Strength: in physics, field strength means the magnitude of a vector-valued field. In our informational materials it means roughly the same thing, except that we are recognising and working with very subtle fields that are not always measurable by scientific means. Orynoco also makes beneficial use of a principle whereby fields of differing strengths in interaction with each other produce other unique energetic movements and effects.
    • Gravitational Fields: in physics, a gravitational field is a model used to explain the influence that a massive body extends into the space around itself, producing a force on another massive body. Thus, a gravitational field is used to explain gravitational phenomena, and is measured in newtons per kilogram. For the purposes of Orynoco tech we define gravitational fields as the type of field that receives or takes in energy and information. These fields are yin or feminine in this model.
    • Healing: healing is a process of restoring wholeness to an imbalanced, diseased, damaged or de-vitalized organism. At Orynoco we relate to healing as a simple processing of energy. If the water in the swimming pool has become stagnant it simply needs an influx of fresh water to correct that stale and unhealthy condition. In the physiology of mammals it’s this stagnant energy that needs to be freshened up. Once this process has been achieved, then the body of the animal or human will be better able to resolve any issues it has been dealing with.
    • Hyper-Physical: this is a state of matter that exists at a universal constant faster than the speed of light in the equation e=mc2. This therefore represents the next higher ordering of reality. We believe that each of us has a hyper-physical counterpart that contains all of the information and patterns of energy that ultimately created the magnificent vehicle you call your human body. We also believe that Orynoco tech creates an energetic resonance bridge of sorts that allows your environment, your body and your consciousness to access their hyper-physical counterpart s and to thus be revivified by the patterns that originally created them. This is similar to correcting corrupt information sectors on a computer hard drive so the computer can function optimally once again.
    • Life Force Energy: life force energy is also known as subtle energy, chi and prana to name a few. It’s an energy found throughout the universe and is thus ubiquitous throughout all realms of existence. In the model of reality we are using, life-force energy is fairly synonymous with consciousness in that it is an underlying first cause of everything else.
    • Life Force Information Fields: all energy inherently carries information of various sorts, this is a well-known concept in science. In radio frequency waves, a transmitter designed by humans for the purposes of sending a broadcast has information purposely modulated onto a carrier wave signal. The radio receiver then separates the information from the carrier wave and processes it so that it can be heard on speakers. In nature, there are myriads of life force information fields that are being received and interacted with continually by living organisms of all types. It’s our belief that Orynoco tech enhances these information fields in various ways to make them easier for living organisms to detect, access, receive, process and make beneficial use of.
    • Magnetic Fields: in physics a magnetic field is a vector field that describes the magnetic influence of electric charges in relative motion and in magnetized materials. The effects of magnetic fields are commonly seen in permanent magnets, which pull on magnetic materials and attract or repel other magnets. For the purposes of Orynoco tech we define magnetic fields as those fields that give or supply energy and information. These fields are yang or masculine in nature in this model.
    • Matter Elements: science relates to matter elements as being those elements found in the periodic table of elements. These elements interact and bind to each other in various ways to form molecules, which in turn form the basis of matter as we know it. For the purposes of Orynoco tech we define matter elements as the physical level of matter that has come into existence via the activity of hyper-physical energy and patterns interacting via consciousness.
    • Merkaba: there are many different meanings of this word used in the spiritual and sacred geometry communities. As an example Merkaba is another name often used for one’s Light Body where it’s considered to be part of full consciousness when spiritual, astral and physical bodies are highly integrated. It’s often associated with two three-pointed equilateral triangles overlaid upon each other, but pointed in opposite directions, which forms what’s often called a Star of David or more simply, a six-pointed star. The original concept is a 3 dimensional one, however, to two interpenetrating tetrahedrons represents is better in this context. Our primary use of this term is in conjunction with the use of two of our Quantum Loops to form the Star of David geometric pattern for meditation or healing facilitation purposes. See Gallery with Quantum Loop shown in Merkaba shape.
    • Nano-coating: see Super-oxide coating in this Glossary.
    • Nested Acrylic Balls: in our Agricultural Reactor product, the reactor types 1 and 2 use a unique design of two acrylic balls or spheres that are nested one inside the other. This is in order to interact the life force information fields with one type of TSE, with those of another type and thus deliver a more fully modulated field to the soils and plants. Each nested acrylic ball therefore has its own type of TSE within it.
    • Plasma: in standard physics plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter and was first described by chemist Irving Langmuir in the 1920s. In this understanding of it, plasma consists of a gas of ions, which are; 1. atoms that have some of their orbital electrons removed plus; 2. free electrons plus; 3. free protons or any other free-state charged particles. A plasma can consist of one or more of these components. At Orynoco we believe that such a fourth matter state exists ubiquitously throughout the universe, and that it can exist abundantly without the high temperatures that standard physics generally states are required for it to exist. Further, we believe this state of matter can be manipulated and directed in many beneficial ways through the use of properly constructed devices that generate fields in ways that are designed for these various purposes. In the model we’re using at Orynoco, plasma in conjunction with underlying consciousness constitutes life force energy and information.
    • Polarising (Metals): during the process of superoxide coating metals, they will naturally build up an inherent electrical voltage potential within them. At various intervals of time this small electrical potential needs to be carefully discharged in just the right way so as to align the nano and micron sized particles of the super-oxide coating in a specific direction. This then has the effect of allowing life-force energy to be coaxed into flowing within the super-oxide coating whereby it can then be used for various purposes.
    • Quantum Field: in physics, a quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. The fundamental notion that a physical property can be ‘quantized’ is referred to as “the hypothesis of quantization.” This means that the magnitude of the physical property can take on only discrete values consisting of integer multiples of one quantum. Put more simply… a quantum is an amount of something… in this case it’s an amount of a property of an atomic or sub-atomic entity. A quantum field is therefore a field of energy that can be quantized, or measured, and which only exists in specific increments of measure. Everything that we perceive as matter objects exists by virtue of the various interactions taking place between these quantum fields. At Orynoco we relate to the quantum field as a fundamental and universal medium of interaction and exchange for all other fields and energies.
    • Reactor: simply put a reactor is a device that facilitates or causes reactions between two or more elements or substances. Relative to Orynoco’s Conscious Tech, a reactor is a device that generates a field for the purposes of reacting or interacting that field with other fields to produce a specific result. Our Wholeness Support Unit and Agricultural Reactor are our two main products using reactors.
    • Superluminal Reality: the word superluminal literally means “faster than light.” It is our belief that there are realities and states of existence which exist in subtler dimensions that are also based on e=mc2, but where the constant of ‘c’ for the speed of light is one or more multiples of the constant generally used in physics for the speed of light (300,000 km/s). These subtler realities have been described as many things throughout time, such as heavens, higher dimensions and so forth. We also believe that our physical matter states have a hyper-physical counterpart that operates faster than the speed of light. Our technology seeks to create a stronger and highly beneficial exchange of energy and information between the physical and hyper-physical matter states.
    • Superoxide Coating: this is an alchemical process (also known to some as nano-coating) of creating a specialized oxide coating on various metals. We refer to is as a super-oxide coating because we believe that the alchemical process we use to create the coating imbues it with unusual properties that are not found in standard oxides of the same metals. One of these unusual properties is that the super-oxide coating opens up energetic pathways, or wormholes if you will, into the hyper-physical level of reality described above in this Glossary. Another is that is seems to exhibit some degree of super-conductivity under certain conditions. Learn how to Super-Oxide Coat (nano-coat) metals.
    • Transition States: a state of matter that exists between the physical and hyper-physical levels of energy and can thus can serve as a connective bridge or circuit to access the information and energy fields within the hyper-physical state of existence and bring them into a stronger state of resonance with their counterparts in the physical state of existence.
    • Transition State Elements (TSE): elements of matter that exist in Transition States (see term in this Glossary). Buy Orynoco TSE.
    • TSE Water: this is water that has been exposed to the life-force informational and energy fields of various Transition State Elements (TSE) and which has become imprinted with this information and energy. This is similar to how homeopathic remedies are made by imprinting information into water from another substance.
    • Vacuum Condition: in physics a vacuum is space devoid of matter and all forms of gases. However, a vacuum is not devoid of magnetic and life-force energy fields and information which permeate every aspect of the entire universe.
    • Water Charging: this is a process of exposing water to the life-force informational and energy fields of Transition State Elements (TSE) so as to imprint their information and energy into the water. At Orynoco this term is used in connection with TSE Water (see this Glossary).
    • Water Transfer: same as water charging in this Glossary above.

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  • Understanding Quantum Physics
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  • We are Beings of Light
    When electrons become excited, they can emit a packet of light, or a photon. Bio-photons are photons of light in the ultraviolet and low visible light range that are produced by a biological system, particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells.

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