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3 Nature Realms of Soil, Plant, Atmosphere for Life Force Energy Connections

We believe that our Orynoco Agricultural Reactors naturally produce a flow of life force energy and information fields between themselves and the 3 nature realms of soil, plant and atmosphere. The subtle life force energy and information fields of the reactors make connections to the soil, the plants and the atmosphere in the vicinity. At the same time we believe our reactors also make a connection to a superluminal level of reality in which the original pure templates for all things in the universe exist.


We contend that there‚Äôs a form of intelligence involved in these exchanges and connections, and that your own innate intentional intelligence is part of this equation. The subtle information fields that are inherent within the reactors’ life force energy serve as a starting point and as a facilitator simultaneously. In order to obtain what the soil, plants and atmosphere need most, they simply generate these subtle energy and information fields to supply the missing frequencies, harmonics and other energetic components which then helps to bring the energetic environment into an optimal state of balance. In this optimised energetic environment the soils, plants and atmosphere undergo a form self-repair and re-vitalisation.


Accessing Superluminal Life Force Energy for Soil, Plants & Atmosphere in ApplicationsWe believe that another very important key dynamic in how these reactors work to accomplish what we have witnessed them do, is their ability to access the superluminal realms where the oringal pure information fields and energies exist. Superluminal simply means ‘faster than light.’ These are realms which have their ‘physicality’ based on the same relativity equation we do in e=mc2, except that the value of ‘c’ representing the speed of light is much greater.

It is in these superluminal realms that pure archetypal forms, which we can call templates or blueprints, exist. These pure superluminal realm blueprints exist for everything in the universe. During the course of life over time on our planet, myriads of things can occur that introduce corruption or distortion into the subtle energy and information fields that all living systems were originally imbued with. This distortion and corruption leads to living systems not being able to perform at their optimal levels. When the level of a living system’s performance decreases below a certain threshold, then dysfunctions, illness and disease can result.

We believe that our Agricultural Reactors establish various types of subtle connections into the pure energy and information fields held within the superluminal realms as blueprints for everything in the manifest reality.

The superluminal connections made by our reactors allow living systems like plants and soils to rejuvenate their corrupted and distorted subtle life force energy and information fields and thereby return to the purity of an optimal functioning that the universe intended them to have in perpetuity.


What our Conscious Tech does is akin to returning your plants, crops and their environment to the ‘Garden of Eden’ or Eden state. This is where everything exists in a pure state of energy and information and is functioning optimally. If you resonate with what you are reading here, we invite you to join us in further developing this incredible technology and at the same time you’ll get to try using it on your garden or crops.


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