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Lucia Couse – Coping with Cancer Shared User Experience

By 26/06/2021March 4th, 2022One Comment

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Lucia participated in a free trial of the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) and Transition State Elements (TSE). She speaks honestly about her results up to the point where this video was made.

Lucia was diagnosed with breast cancer and was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety due to her diagnosis and all the things that fell upon her in dealing with what was then required. She sought the standard medical treatments to remove the cancer and then began using Orynoco focused life force energy technology to help her finish her process.

The results she has been experiencing since are cause for hope and they have encouraged her to keep on working with our technology. As you will see from the video Lucia’s whole demeanor and level of energy keeps improving with each of her lovely updates.

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Lucia’s Unedited Videos

Below you’ll find the unedited videos used to produce the edited video above so you can see we haven’t altered this users intent or meaning.

Interview Part 1

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June 2020

Interview Part 2

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June 2020

Lucia’s Updates Videos

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  • Joe Hayes says:

    Lucia I was very interested listening to you speak about overcoming some of your long-standing dental problems and wanted to share a personal experience, maybe also this might help others. Before I mention the amazing results I had using the Oryonoco Cream for a dental and gum problem, I wanted to first say I started gargling with Raw Organic Coconut Oil first thing in the morning after a night’s sleep when I heard it clears all the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth during the night. My dental hygienist hadn’t heard this before but saw my results for healing my gums and then more of her patients began talking about it to help prevent gum problems. They also found Coconut Oil was beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s.
    In using the Orynoco Cream for miraculously clearing several skin conditions on my arm, I decided to use it on my upper jaw for an infected root the dentist wanted to extract, as the gum infection was spreading. I had only been applying the Cream for a few weeks below the outside of my right jaw about an inch from my ear, applying a little amount on my first 3 fingers and using the suggested taping method rather rubbing in on that area of the jaw, and my dentist noticed the infection reduced slightly and he sensed an improvement and gave me 9 months to keep up whatever I was doing before he wanted to see me again. I had been against pulling out the wisdom tooth and hanging on until the last minute. I knew the Orynoco product be of benefit.

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