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Natasha Astara – Wholeness Support Unit – Subtle Energy Shared User Experience

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  • Christa de Jonge says:

    For me, walking into a room and sit between 4 tripods with something that looks like a lamp on it… I have to say I felt a bit of scepticism at first. Having done a lot of bodywork, I became pretty sensitive to subtle energy. I set an intention and within a minute I started feeling energy move within my body. It felt a bit as if I was a battery on a charger. Having had some trouble with my stomach lately, I focused my intention on clearing out this area. I could literally feel it becoming cleaner and cleaner with the minute. What a strong tool this is for your body to help heal itself!
    No scepticism at all anymore, if I feel I need a bit of extra support in healing my body, I will definitely rent this kit for a while.

    Also, Malcolm and Cathi are both absolute angels, doing this work wholeheartedly and with pure intention. Thank you both for the great communication and honesty you put in this work.

  • Joe Hayes says:

    I had my own unique experience using the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) System on two different occasions recently and wanted to share this with you.

    I just wanted to say at the outset, how grateful I am to Orynoco for the WSU rental arrangement as I now can use the Unit on a regular basis at home.

    Initially I dedicated a room in the flat and consciously set up the WSU using a ritual intent and a reverence as I assembled each of the 4 tripods.
    I felt the atmosphere in the room rarefy and change immediately. There were already various crystals and plants in the room, and I definitely felt a new frequency change.

    Previously I used the two Transition State Elements (TSE) 5ml vials [Calm and Balance] I received with the WSU System to energise my drinking water before my first sitting in the chair when I verbally set my intention and what I hope to gain from the experience. I very quickly went out of the body and felt slightly overwhelmed by how quickly this occurred. Many of the physical symptoms I had been coping with for some time lessened considerably in my first sitting. I felt a chemical change taking place. The following day was a continuation and I felt so calm, relaxed, peaceful and centred.

    On the third day I wasn’t so aware of the same frequency and later it was suggested to move the positions of the tripods around the chair as this will change their energy/frequency distribution. This was so helpful and I allowed the change for a day before I sat in the Unit again.
    I wasn’t sure if the subtle frequency had changed until I noticed the female cat who always slept in the same place in the room, changed her position immediately and she did the same when I moved the tripods again. It confirmed for me the energy was different.

    My physical areas of concern lifted, emotionally I felt clearer and mentally more focused. I also noticed a change in my sleep patterns, and my dream life had intensified. A strange phenomenon took place. I would often wake up around 2:30 – 3:30am after spending, what seemed like the longest time going over and over in the dream state, working out situations or formulas and going over and over them in my head knowing it was important to remember this when |I woke. But as soon as I opened my eyes it was all gone and I couldn’t bring back any recall of the experience.

    I’m looking forward to deepening and sharing my experiences so others may be drawn to using some of the Orynoco products and seeing how beneficial and supportive they are in connecting to who we truly are.

  • Joe Hayes says:

    Natasha’s shared explanation of her experience sitting in the Wholeness Support Unit was very clear and extremely useful. I found the clips very helpful in explaining the subtle energy transferences. They will be very important for me review from time to time and for anyone generally curious about the Wholeness Support Unit.

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