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Orynoco Research & Development Partners Program

As a Life Force Energy Conscious Tech product research and development business we usually have some projects in various stages of product development. We put our products through extensive testing to bring them up to an optimal level of functioning before we offer them for sale to the public. This involves seeing how they work for various people, conditions and purposes and then making revisions and changes to see if we can obtain even better results for our end users. We need people to use these products and to provide proper feedback as a part of our research and development. This Partners Program was thus born to make it possible for you to be able to try out our new technologies and help us develop them all at the same time.

Below you will find any products that we are currently working with in this stage of development. These are available only to people who are willing to join our Partners Program. In some cases we will rent the system and in others we may offer it as a free trial. We reserve the right to use our discretion in which is appropriate in any given circumstance and we decide this on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in participating in our Partners Program to try any of the products shown below please click the appropriate ‘Enquire Further‘ button and supply the requested information and we will be in contact with you to learn more of your situation and what you hope to accomplish so we can make you an offer for use of the product.

These rentals are only available in the UK

Agricultural Reactor System

Our Agricultural Reactor System’s (ARS) Orbs (shown in photos above above) can be used to provide nurturing subtle life force energy information fields in any area where you grow food, crops or plants of any type. Our Agricultural Orbs establish a dynamic flow of life force energy and information fields between themselves and your plants and crops.

The current version of our Agricultural Reactor System has three different types of reactor orbs as you can see in the product photo gallery above. Each Agricultural Reactor Orb is designed to interface its somewhat different life force energy information fields with the soils and plants in your garden or crops.

Our Agricultural Orbs consist of nested acrylic balls, and Type 1 and Type 2 have superoxide-coated copper aerials. The inner/outer nested balls each contain different types of Transition State Elements (TSE). In each inner/outer nested pair the TSE contents are alternated so that what’s in the inner ball of one, is in the outer ball of the other, and vice versa. This creates a dynamic flow of life force energy and information fields between the two.

The cells of plants and the molecules of soils both have a memory. When something like an imbalance occurs in the soil, or a plant sustains an injury or disease, then they will hold a memory of that condition. Quite commonly as plant cells reproduce through mitosis they will then pass this memory along to the new plant cells. In other words, as the cell divides and replicates itself, it also reproduces the energetic pattern of that memory of dysfunction. When a plant has such a dysfunction it then becomes easy prey for pests.

To heal an injury to a plant or to correct any other imbalanced condition that it might encounter therefore requires some mechanism by which the plant and its cells can clear these previous memories of an injury or other dysfunctional conditions so this corrupted information is no longer passed along to the new plant cells during mitosis.

It is similar for soil that has an imbalance. Soil is a type of living organism all of its own. It will maintain memory of the imbalanced state until something comes along to change that.

It’s our hypothesis that a plant has its own innate means for doing this. Yet, this depends upon the plants ability to connect to its pure original superluminal information field templates. Once plants can make this reconnection they’re then able to download a fresh copy of their cellular operating system and ‘overwrite’ the corrupted copy of it that contains the memory of the dysfunctional conditions or injury. With a fresh copy of its operating system installed, the cells of the plant can then operate in a completely optimal way,  just as it was originally designed to do by nature.

There are many types of corruption that a cell’s operating system might experience and which can also cause it to lose its ability to make the re-connection necessary to access a fresh operating system in order to heal itself. This is where our Conscious Tech comes in. Our Agricultural Reactor System is our most sophisticated and powerful system for helping your plants make this reconnection and thereby clear their cellular memory of previous dysfunctional states. You could also correctly call this a processing of that dysfunctional energy so that it gets recycled and new vibrant energy can then be brought into the plant’s cells. Either way, the plant receives a rejuvenating energy that returns it to being able to grow into a healthy and vital plant!

As for balancing soils, this is a slight bit different than for plants. Soils are more of a symbiotic type of living organism that exists in a complex matrix of nutrients and minerals. Having truly balanced soils requires that their subtle energy state be balanced as well as their physical matter state. Our Agricultural Reactor Orbs have Transitional State Elements (TSE) in them that open pathways to the expanded superluminal energy templates, and they emanate subtle energy that’s similar to that of the various minerals and nutrients that soils may need to be in a balanced state.

Use the links below to download our two PDFs that’ll provide you with some further information on our Agricultural Reactor System and its orbs.

If you wish to try this system and help us make it even better as you do, you can join our Research & Development Partners Program. This is currently the only way that you can obtain one of these systems to try. Once we feel we have it developed to the degree of excellence that meets our level of standards, then we’ll make it available as a normal product.

All Orynoco Ltd products are sourced and made in the United Kingdom.