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  • Time Limits & Liabilities

Products that are returned to us within 28 days of the date they were delivered to you could be eligible for a refund. We take this on a case by case basis.

To return an item to us you will be assuming all liabilities for the return postage costs unless we have agreed in writing otherwise.

If your parcel is rejected by customs in your country, we’ll refund the full amount LESS the amount you paid for shipping once we the parcel has been returned to us.

  • Eligibility

Whether your returned product is eligible for a refund depends on it’s condition when received back. If it’s still in new condition and it’s been received back within the time limit, then you will be issued a full refund LESS the amount you originally paid for shipping.

Bottled products that have been opened cannot be returned for a refund. Other types of returned products that have had their cartons opened may still qualify for a refund if any relevant brand packaging is still in good order.

  • Reach Out First

We would advise you to please contact us before returning any products so that we can discuss your situation and the reason for your desire to return an item.

We will then be able to provide you with a preliminary determination as to whether you might be likely to receive a refund should you return the item(s).

If you have not reached out to us and return an item anyway, we will not be liable if we lose track of your returned item.