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Schedule of Events

Experience Days


Experience Days provide you with an opportunity to try out our Conscious Tech first hand at no cost to you whatsoever. The tech you can try at the scheduled events listed below is primarily our Wholeness Support Unit.

These systems can offer you a great introduction to the life force energy and information fields that are generated by the Orynoco Wholeness Support Units (WSU). The WSU energies and information fields support you in moving toward greater wholeness and coherence. Ultimately, it’s you yourself who are creating that movement.

Here’s why: Orynoco Tech is part of an emerging technological field called Conscious Tech for good reason. Your conscious interaction with the life force energies and information fields, together with intent, connection and openness, is a key aspect of how the overall process works.

If the slots on listed dates fill up, and we expect them to do so, we will make further date(s) available. We’d love to see you and to be able to share what Orynoco has to offer.

To book your session, or for further details and the exact location, please contact Przemek using our contact form