Animal Collars


Dogs are incredible animals and show us the meaning of true unconditional love whereas cats show us the true meaning of how to be a free spirit. With all the stresses of the modern world our animals sometimes need some extra support too. Orynoco tools can provide this extra support.

Many people have told us our Quantum Loop is the perfect tool for wrapping around a pets bed and also your pet. For example wrapping the loop around a dogs torso immediately behind his front legs we have been told relieves nervousness and anxiety. We have had such positive feedback about animals and our products that we decided to make a collar especially for our furry friends.

The Orynoco Animal Collar contains the same plasma technology we use in the Quantum Loop. The collars can be used to re-balance your pets when you perceive them as being agitated, aggressive, poorly, run down or not their usual selves. The re-balancing should allow your furry friend to relax, repair and re-balance their system. The collars are not intended to be worn 24/7 except under unusual circumstances. We recommend that they are worn for between 1 – 4 hours at a time only. As their owner you will be able to see by your pets response, and trust your intuition about what the right amount of time for them is. We have had amazing results from the people using them already. Please check out the testimonials on all our tech (see Resources > User Experiences).

All plastic adjustable clasps are easy to fix. To size properly, please measure all the way around the animal’s neck, plus two finger thicknesses. Visit our ‘Further Info‘ tab below for more guidance on using this product.


We have found that every person and every animal has their unique way of responding to starting the rebalancing process… there are no prescriptions or set rules. The Orynoco tools are tools for evolving consciousness and re-balancing, not medical aids. We pondered this for a while and then realised it has to be this way because we are all coming into our power and we are being assisted by the Orynoco products which are tools to support this process.

Thus any analysis of any situation, symptom or effect has to be understood and completed by the users of the tools and on a case by case basis. Once we have been through a few situations we start to become our own experts which is the best way to become self-empowered….. it’s an interesting process for a population that has been so disempowered for so long. We have come to trust external sources more than our inner wisdom.

This is why we recommend Orynoco users develop their own feedback tools (for example kinesiology and self-intuition ) so that self-empowerment can be extended and applied with confidence in all situations where we are called upon to discern a way forward.

As a result we cannot give guidance on any individual animal situation. There is lots of information on the website about our technology in general, and we will answer any queries along those lines. We are, of course, very happy indeed to help with any understanding of the tools that is needed, although we would draw your attention to the rich content of the Orynoco website and its wide variety of testimonials (see Resources > User Experiences).

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