Life Force Energy Cocoon + Vitalising Spray


With your ORYNOCO Life Force Energy Cocoon you can more easily:

  1. Experience deeper states of relaxation.
  2. Find some relief from aches, pains and ailments.
  3. Feel energetically revitalised and rejuvenated.
  4. Gain increased clarity of mind and being.
  5. Optimise your states of wholeness and consciousness.
  6. Enter deeply profound meditations in far less time.
  7. Further open the spiritual gateway in your brain.

“When I am in the tent (Cocoon)… I feel very clear… What a release… have the opportunity to feel, to ‘digest’, to reflect, to simply be… It’s deeply relaxing… gives the feeling of being centered… open to insights out of nowhere… so good to go through this deep cleansing… I can go in with… being exhausted… I come out motivated… ~ Divyam”

An ORYNOCO Cocoon is very easy to initially setup. Next you spray-mist your Cocoon with some water charged with our Transition State Elements (TSE). Then you climb into your Cocoon to experience the gentle but powerfully enhanced current of focused life force energy flowing into, through and around your body, mind, spirit and being.

After checkout you can download a User Guide PDF and a TSE Selection Guide JPG after checkout.

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An ORYNOCO Cocoon is covered with a fabric that has myriads of threads forming junctions where they meet and cross each other in the fabric mesh. When the Cocoon has been sprayed with a TSE (Transition State Elements) Charged or Treated Water, each junction becomes somewhat like a field generator. We believe each junction in the mesh creates a vortex of energy that couples with the hyper-physical level of reality where focused pure life force energy and information fields are stored. This energy and its associated information fields form the master templates for everything that exists in the physical world which we’re familiar with. Connecting back to this pure source of life force energy and information helps the body, mind and spirit of your being in the physical dimension to rejuvenate all of its biological systems and to re-calibrate your mind and emotions. It’s a totally delightful experience that one needs to have for themselves!


Our early testing and experimentation with Transition State Elements (TSE) as informers of discrete energy fields demonstrated to us that virtual zero point energy fields can be created inside of three-dimensional structures. We found that simply spraying TSE water onto various three-dimensional structures creates a greatly enhanced field of life force energy and its associated information fields. This energetic manifestation is nested inside of the three-dimensional structure that has been sprayed. With an ORYNOCO Cocoon the myriads of thread/fibre junctions amplifies this effect greatly.


An ORYNOCO Cocoon is a bit of Conscious Tech.  As such, your intention is integral to your experience. You can put this principle to good use for experiencing exceptionally deep relaxation and meditations, manifestation, sending positive energies to parts of your body or other people and so forth. Rebalancing is in the end largely about moving your mind out of the way.  One must refocus to minimise the daily stressful situations and maximise the desired states of body, mind and being. The Cocoon sprayed with TSE Charged or Treated Water can help you achieve this by allowing space for the body and its energy fields to be rejuvenated and restored.

Using your ORYNOCO Cocoon can be a strong experience for many people. We therefore suggest that 20, 30, or 40 minutes be your maximum time in the Cocoon until you acclimate to its energy levels. Experienced meditators can of course extend this to an hour or maybe longer right off.

Each Cocoon comes with (1) Vitalising Spray (grey bottle option) product, which is a special spray bottle that has a 3ml Vial of TSE attached inside for making it easy to charge the water in the bottle. Additional 5ml TSE Vials or 30ml TSE Bottles can be purchased separately.

NOTE: ORYNOCO supplies, but does not manufacture, the popup mosquito nets which are sold here as our Cocoons.


5ml Transition State Elements (TSE) Selection Guide

User Guide PDF and TSE Selection Guide JPG downloads included with this purchase.


For those who understand the benefits of pyramid structures, a more expensive and time consuming, but even more powerful experience can be obtained, by ordering a handmade pyramid frame from our supplier together with a mosquito net (ordered separately). Depending on the size of space you have available, the pyramid frame can be custom built and the netting accordingly ordered. Remember that the floor of the pyramid also needs to be covered with mosquito netting and sprayed.

The builder of the pyramid frames shown below also offers a nice hardwood recliner you can use for relaxing in your pyramid Cocoon.

Further, you can build your own tube drape Cocoon. You’d have to fashion your own tube frame and then drape the mosquito netting over it, making sure again that the floor is fully covered with mesh.

Here’s a photo gallery below for you that is depicting just some of what’s possible.

If these options appeal to you, please contact us for further details regards the builder and/or to get any other questions you may have answered.


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