The ORYNOCO PORTABLE Pod can be used in a personal or a group setting. It comes equipped with three unique Transition State Elements (TSE) cartridges that can be interchanged to experience different information fields. Each cartridge is inserted into a specially treated copper winding set within a hand-crafted Perspex housing. ORYNOCO has drawn on the successful development of our TSE to produce a unique mix of qualities that are all designed to promote rebalancing, relaxation and coherence.

The fields offer experiencers the chance to experiment extensively by using the Perspex housing in different positions. Mounted on a 90 degree swivel arm, the broadcast coils can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and at an unlimited number of angles in between.

Different angles produce different field projections and will be perceived and received by the user/experiencer in different ways.

Successful trials when used both as a stand-alone item and in combination with both the Quantum Loop and the WSU V4 Pod have produced beneficial results ranging from increased grounding, and swift rebalancing, and deeper relaxation, and enhanced environments.

The ORYNOCO PORTABLE POD is 10cm (4 inches) high, and has a circular base diameter of 8cm (just over 3 inches).

This unit is light weight at 160 grams and is easily transportable in any bag. However, we would recommend some protection be provided to prevent excess lateral stress being placed onto the swinging arm joint. The swinging arm is NOT graduated for various angles.

This product is sourced and made in the United Kingdom.

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This ORYNOCO PORTABLE Pod is a tool for you to expand your understanding of this technology around how information fields can be accessed.

The three included TSE cartridges carry information fields for support in the following ways; physical presence (red cartridge), and balanced energy release (yellow/cream cartridge), and core maintenance (white cartridge).

Physical presence is the ability of the body to recognise its place in this reality and to reaffirm we are in the right place at the right time.

Balanced energy release gives a resource for the body to draw on key minerals for energy conversion, for example: magnesium, potassium, CuO

Core maintenance is about providing support for the balancing of blood and provides access to improved grounding.

The Portable Pod can be used all by itself, it does NOT require having access to any of our other products. The information below about using it with oour other products is for individuals who already have our other products and wish to use them together.

Therapists working in two locations successfully use the Portable Pod as a satellite to the WSU V4 POD by creating an intention to connect the two remotely.

Sound therapists have experienced their audiences moving into deeper states in meditation with the ORYNOCO PORTABLE Pod.

Remote healing sessions have been enhanced when using a combination of the ORYNOCO PORTABLE Pod, the WSU V4 Pod and a Quantum Loop.

The PORTABLE Pod is not a substitute for the WSU V4 Pod. Rather, it offers you the ability to quickly energetically condition a space to make it ready for any form of activity that requires an interface with the conscious awareness of the participants.


Additional information

Weight160 g
Dimensions10 × 8 × 8 cm

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