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The Quantum Loop is truly our most versatile product. It comes in many different colour combinations to suit your unique tastes. When two colours are listed, it has a different colour either side. It’s easy to carry in its handy cotton zip bag (included), which we know you’ll appreciate whenever you’re travelling. You’ll get to download a handy User Guide PDF after you’ve checked out. We’ll also follow-up to support you with some other helpful information as well.

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PLEASE NOTE: we’ve had difficulties of late sourcing materials for this product which meet our standards. This is why we’re out of stock on most colours. We believe we’ve solved this problem as of 07/02/23. If the colour you want is showing as out of stock, please contact us directly to place your order, and we’ll focus on creating the colours you’ve ordered first so you can get your Quantum Loop in reasonable time.


» » If you are located OUTSIDE the UK, then you will additionally be responsible for any taxes or custom fees that your country may assess.


Do not machine wash, or get this product wet. Clean using a damp microfibre cloth only.

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Our Quantum Loop works within the quantum field of unlimited potentials and possibilities to produce a whole host of enhanced life force energy effects and benefits for you. These benefits include the possibilities of bringing some relief to annoying aches and pains, greatly enhanced dreams and visions, much easier and smoother emotional releases and energetic balancing, a swifter relaxation into much deeper and more expansive meditations, greatly improved sleep, and an easy way to quickly charge your drinking water energetically by just wrapping it around the water container for an hour or two. Our Quantum Loop is also extremely popular with Yoga fans and their teachers. They’ve reported it can significantly enhance and improve their yoga sessions and inner yoga work.

The Quantum Loop is also very SIMPLE TO USE… you can just wrap it around parts of your body needing help as shown in the photos above. You can even receive benefits by just leaving it coiled up in your pocket or on your lap while you work on a computer, sit at a sewing machine, eat a meal, or even under your pillow while you sleep.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not recommend wrapping the Quantum Loop around your head!

The Quantum Loop can also be formed into various geometric shapes to enhance and deepen your meditations and improve your sleep… and it’s been reported to be effective for this even when placing it under your bed. Popular geometric shapes for use with meditation or sleep enhancement With a placement under your bed are the circle, rectangle, triangle and a 6-pointed star. Making the six-pointed star requires two Quantum Loops, one for each triangle.

The Quantum Loop contains super-oxidised nodes of copper which have been carefully layered with our Transition State Elements (TSE).  A unique alchemy occurs as the copper nodes energetically interact with each other and the user, thereby creating a flow of balancing, vitalising, rejuvenating and supporting life force energy. We recommend that for most people it’s best to become acquainted with the energies of the Quantum Loop gradually over a few days before your first full use session.

As you can now see, the Quantum Loop is truly our most versatile product with myriads of uses. Only your imagination is the limit! It’s also very practical to use. It can be worn over or under your clothes. It comes in many different colours to suit your unique tastes. It’s easy to carry in its really handy cotton zip carry bag (included), which we know you’ll especially appreciate whenever you’re travelling or moving about and want to bring it with you.

You’ll also get to download a handy User Guide PDF after you’ve checked out and we’ll follow-up after that to support you with some other helpful information.

Our Quantum Loop and its bag are hand-printed and assembled locally.

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2 reviews for Quantum Loop

  1. Lynn Birtles (verified owner)

    Calming & soothing. I love it! Thank you.

  2. Dee

    I am adhd and going through peri menopause, so anxieties are heightened that but more when I’m out the house and in crowded situations…
    I took my loop with me yesterday to the hairdressers and kept in my pocket. Normally my anxieties have me talking over (not intentionally) and losing track or thread of what I’m talking about. I was very calm, and had to pause half way through conversation while my hairdresser went to mix my colours, when she came back, I continued with no struggle or confusion to what we were talking about, so it even sorted my brain fog…

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