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Our Transition State Elements (TSE) help you restore and support states of balance, wellness, health, vitality, clarity and spirituality. TSE operates with your positive intentions through the quantum field. This is possible as our TSE is an alchemy which makes beneficial life force energy information fields readily available. These vibrant fields then help you enhance, balance, inform, vitalise, rejuvenate and reinforce the beneficial subtle energies in your body, living spaces, food, pets and plants and much more.

To experience the benefits of TSE, just charge your water or food, and energise your living and working spaces, and infuse radiance into your body directly, help uplift and assist your beloved pets and spray the vibrancy of pure liquid light onto your plants. Your body, environment and spirit will benefit and be most grateful! Immediately after checkout you can download a User Guide PDF. You’ll also begin receiving more helpful information over time.

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PLEASE NOTE: smaller 5ml Vials TSE are shown in videos, the TSE is exactly the same.

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Our Transition State Elements (TSE) can help you achieve balance, homeostasis, vitality, wholeness and rejuvenation. This is possible because our TSE are created with a unique and powerful type of metals alchemy that we feel represents a form of the new emerging sciences that will lead us into the future. This alchemy takes common metals in their normal ‘matter state’ and produces a unique substance from them that we call Transition State Elements (TSE). We believe this substance represents another form of the metal as it begins to make a transition into a higher or less physical state of reality.

The alchemical TSE substances which are produced radiate beneficial life force energy and information fields. They do this by accessing an unlimited supply of subtle energy often referred to as life force energy, plasma, aether and so forth. All of reality is comprised of this unlimited beneficial energy and the vibrant information it contains.

The highly vibrant fields emanating from our TSE can thus be utilised to help you enhance, balance, re-inform, re-vitalise, rejuvenate and reinforce the beneficial subtle energies in your body, living space, food, pets and plants. Our TSE can therefore help you restore and support states of balance, wholeness, vitality, clarity and spirituality. Its potential uses are only limited by your imagination.

Because our TSE works directly with the quantum field principles of interconnectivity of all things it responds quite powerfully to your positive intentions via the crystalline web of wholeness and unity in all of life and the universe.

Regardless of the conditions or problems you may be dealing with, their fundamental cause can almost always be traced to disruptions, blockages and interferences with a proper flow of life force energy, and/or missing and damaged information within the subtle information fields that tell living systems how to function optimally.

Our TSE is created to help supply/replace this missing/damaged subtle information while simultaneously making accessible an abundant flow of new life force energy to any living biological system that needs it.

To begin experiencing the benefits of TSE, you can charge your water and food, and energise your living and working spaces by spraying them with charged water, infuse it’s radiance into your body directly by just holding the bottles in your hands, help uplift and assist your beloved pets and spray the vibrancy of pure liquid light onto your plants… then watch everything thrive at a whole new level!

By bringing the alchemy of our TSE into your life experience, your body, environment and spirit will all benefit and be most grateful!

Use the information below to help you choose which types of TSE you wish to work with. Immediately after checkout you can download a User Guide PDF. We will additionally supply you with further information to help you succeed in using and understanding our TSE after your purchase. We’ll send this to you in easily digestible instalments so you’ll not feel overwhelmed. We want you to enjoy the experience of using our TSE right from the start, and it’s really quite simple to use.


CALM TSE supports the emotions and nervous system. It has a gravitational/receiving type of quality. It’s a great TSE to start out with and helps pave the way for using the others.

BALANCE TSE resonates best with your nervous system and emotions. It has qualities which can enhance the transfer of subtle information within and through the body. It also has a gravitational/receiving quality. This is an excellent complement to our Calm TSE, they work very well together.

VITALITY TSE can act as a trigger for increased energy production, thus its name. It resonates with the circulatory system and blood and can therefore positively support the metabolic system. It has an expanding/magnetical/giving quality.

CLEANSE TSE resonates with the entirety of the physical body.  Copper in its matter state (versus it’s transitional state) is generally regarded as having cleansing and anti-microbial qualities. In like manner many people have observed that the Cleanse TSE can also have beneficial effects on the relationship between muscle culture, the nervous system and other aspects of the physical body.

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