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Our Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) V2 RENTAL can be used to help comprehensively restore balance to the body and being… it thereby supports states of wholeness and the expansion of your consciousness. TOur WSU V2 Rental is currently only available in UK/IE.

To rent/trial a WSU V2 costs only £100.00/month (plus shipping). You also have an option to order a kit of two of our 5ml TSE – Transition State Elements (Calm and Balance) at a 33% discount (see why you might wish to do this)*. A £500.00 deposit is also required. Your deposit is refunded in full once you’ve met these requirements**.

After renting the WSU V2  for at least 30 days, you’ll have the option of purchasing the unit from us for £3,000. You can choose to purchase your WSU V2 anytime after 30 days of the start of your rental*** and within 30 days after it’s expiry. If you choose to purchase you’ll be credited for ALL rental fees paid and your deposit being held by us towards your purchase price!


See ‘Further Info tab to  🎦 watch videos, to read more detailed information, to review your Rental Agreement (we’ll send an e-sign request after you order), or to access the User Guide and Basic Info PDFs pre-rental.

PLEASE NOTE: read about the few contra-indications**** that we’re aware of.

IMPORTANT: in the Select Rental Packageoptions below, choose your initial rental period WITH a deposit if it’s the beginning of your rental.

This Orynoco Ltd product is hand-crafted to a very high standard, and this takes time and dedicated,  focused effort. 

» » If marked as ‘AVAILABLE ON BACKORDER‘ after option selection, there could be a wait time of up to a few weeks, please contact us.

» » These rentals are only available within the UK/IE, for use in the UK/IE.

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*Why You Should Also Order TSE: using the WSU is much more powerful and effective when you also use our two key alchemy products, Calm and Balance Transition State Elements (TSE). Once you have these two TSE you can charge your drinking water with them, hold the TSE vials in your hands while you’re using the WSU, and spray your body, feet and the space within the WSU. You’ll receive further information about all of this after your purchase.

**Full Deposit Return Requirements: you will receive a FULL refund of your deposit after you have returned your unit to us in good condition. You must also pay for a tracked return shipping method with £1,000 cover.

***Start of Rental: your rental period is considered to have officially started when you take delivery of your rental WSU. 

****Contra-indications: we are aware of the following contra-indications: 1. metal implants and pins; 2. pacemakers; 3. serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. If anyone who would be using the WSU V2 has any of these, please contact us prior to renting so we can provide you with more detailed information and offer you a same-cost alternative that does not have these contra-indication problems.

WSU V2 in the videos below don’t have any acrylic protection tubes on their heads, yours will.

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BASIC INFORMATION: The Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) can be used to help restore balance to your body and being… thereby supporting states of wholeness and the expansion of your consciousness.  The four tripods can be placed around a massage bed, a chair or a normal bed. Upon each tripod is mounted a Life Force Energy emitter which is a unique type of subtle energy and information field generator.  All four emitters together generate and build up a strong energy/information field into which you can position yourself, pets, plants etc. There is no physical contact between the Wholeness Support Unit and the subjects within its field.  The Life Force Energy emitters contain an alchemical blend of Transition State Elements (TSE) applied to superoxide coated elements.

DETAILED INFORMATION:  our Wholeness Support Unit Version 2 (WSU V2) has four emitters, as you can see in the product photo gallery above. It’s designed to interface the somewhat different life force energy information fields that are generated by each of the emitters with those of each of the other three in the system. In doing so there’s a more significant field dynamic created. We believe this field dynamic opens up access to a much more expanded superluminal state of consciousness and subtle energy and their associated information fields. We also believe that within this superluminal realm of energy, consciousness and information, can be found the pure template for everything in our world, and indeed the universe.

The cells of humans and other creatures also have a memory. When something like an injury, trauma or restriction occurs, the body then holds a memory of that condition. Quite commonly as cells reproduce through mitosis they can pass this memory along to the new cells. In other words, as the cell divides and replicates itself, it also reproduces the energetic pattern of that dysfunction. To the extent this holds true, to resolve an injury or other condition requires some mechanism by which the body and its cells can clear these previous memories of an injury or other dysfunctional condition so it is no longer passed along to the new cells during mitosis.

It’s our hypothesis that the body has its own innate means for doing this. Yet, this also depends upon the body being able to reconnect to its original template of superluminal consciousness and information fields. Once it makes this reconnection it’s then able to download a fresh copy of its cellular operating system to ‘overwrite‘ or ‘replace’ the corrupted copy of it that contains the memory of the dysfunctional condition or state of function. With a fresh copy of it’s operating system installed the body and it’s cells can then operate in a completely optimal way just as they were originally designed to do.

There are many types of corruption that a cell’s operating system might experience which can cause it to lose its ability to even make the reconnection necessary to access a fresh operating system in order to correct itself. This is where our conscious life force energy technology comes in. The Wholeness Support Unit is one of our most sophisticated and powerful systems for helping your body make this reconnection and thereby clear its cellular memory of previous dysfunctional states. You could also refer to this as a processing of that dysfunctional energy whereby it gets recycled and new vibrant energy is flows into the cell to take its place. Either way, we hypothesise that the beneficial effects we have observed and experienced with the WSU system are due to the cells of the body receiving a rejuvenating energy that returns them to being able to do what they know how to do best, which is to repair, optimise and operate in a fully vital way.

Use the buttons below to download our two PDFs that’ll provide you with some further information on this amazing Conscious Tech system.

The Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) is currently only available on a rental/trial basis with an option to purchase your unit. To rent/trial a WSU costs £100.00/month (plus the cost to ship it to you). Renting the unit also requires a £500.00 deposit. We will return your deposit in full after you have returned your unit to us in good condition using a tracked method and with £1,000 cover included.

After renting a Wholeness Support Unit (WSU V2) for at least one month, you have the option of purchasing the unit from us for £3,000. You’ll receive credit towards your purchase price for all the  rental fees you’ve paid, PLUS your £500 deposit. You’ll have this purchase option available to you for up to 30 days after your rental period has finally expired (including any renewal extensions). The amount we can credit is limited to the £3,000 full price of the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) Version 2 regardless of whether you paid more than that for rental fees and deposit or not.

RENT TO PURCHASE EXAMPLE: you rent a Wholeness Support Unit for one month. You’ve paid us £100.00 in rental fees, plus costs of shipping the unit to you, plus a £500.00 deposit. Now you decide to purchase your rental unit. We’ll credit you £600.00 towards your £3,000 purchase price, so it then costs you only £2,400 more to own your WSU. We cannot credit you for the cost of shipping the unit to you originally.

This Orynoco Ltd product is sourced and made in the United Kingdom.


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