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  • The New Medical Paradigm

On December the 10th I advised in this article, that the world we know has changed radically, and that 2016 would see an incredible new reality. But few people understood.

So today I am going to give you the first 2 pieces in a very big and VERY important puzzle. Please be patient. If you follow me step by step I shall reveal a whole new reality over the coming months.

The first piece is just to re-iterate that in this new model, plasma field is the invisible, swirling, unifying field behind everything. It is responsible for light, gravity and magnetism and when it slows down and condenses, we perceive matter. The rest of this article is dedicated to a new definition of gravity and its role in sustaining life.

“You are what you eat!” Right?

Well – not exactly. Current research indicates that your diet only makes up about 15 – 20% of your daily energy usage. So where does the other 85% come from?

“You must eat the minerals you need!”

Again, this is not entirely true. Victor Schauberger demonstrated that elements not present in the earth, showed up in crops. So where did they come from? Later experiments showed that chick egg shells contained more calcium than available from the hen. How so?

Energy and Elements can be SELECTIVELY ABSORBED from the environment.

This ONE central observation explains the remarkable shift that is now taking place. It affects everything from energy and transport, to environment and medicine! And it will become the greatest tool for health ever conceived!

How do forests absorb CO2 from the atmosphere?

Gravity! – it turns out that leaves have a gravitational field that draws in CO2 specifically. This is remarkable!

Until now gravity was gravity. But today we see that one can ‘tune’ gravity to pull in only what is required. The ramifications are staggering. Let me explain. Leaves have a shiny top surface and a mat bottom surface. Each surface has a precise hyperoxide-coating, and between them, these two surfaces literally draw Co2 (specifically) out of the atmosphere.

This can be reproduced in a bucket of alkaline solution. Put one hyperoxide-coated copper plate and one zinc plate in the solution, and liquid Co2 will collect in the bottom of the bucket. Change one of the plates and you will create a different gravitational field and collect a different substance. These substances are referred to as Transition State Elements (TSE).

Your body does the same.

Of course, if ‘gravitating’ or absorbing specific elements out of the environment happens in photosynthesis, where leaves ‘inhale’ CO2 and ‘exhale’ oxygen, it is fair to anticipate, that it also happens in our lungs. And sure enough, it does. But it’s more sophisticated. In the lungs of a mammal, it is not just oxygen and CO2 that are being exchanged. It is ALL the elements and building blocks required to maintain the body.

As explained in the previous article, the bones are the body’s adjustable plates, constantly changing the gravitational design of the blood and lymph and causing them to absorb and release elements according to need. So now we see, that given the right instructions, the body has an amazing capacity to adapt and gather what it needs for well-being and recovery from its environment. When the instructions are wrong however, we see the wrong elements collected and or deposited in the tissues of vital organs, be that the brain, the heart or the bone…

It is the coherent information fields that determine the behaviour of the hyperoxide layers (like those of the leaf) within the body, and they in turn create the gravitational fields to collect and deliver the elements required to sustain health and life in a constant flux.

If the information fields of a particular organ have gone out of balance, they will issue the wrong instructions and continue to draw the wrong materials to the organ. FCT (Field Control Therapy) is the only modality I am aware of that re-sets those information fields.

In the future however, I see the possibility of altering these gravitational fields far more powerfully and directly, to create faster, stronger change. I am so clear about this development, that I am dedicating myself to this study and look forward to bringing you with me.



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