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  • The New Science of Life Force Information Fields – Part 1

Life Force Energy (LFE) is a fairly easy to understand idea. Humans and animals breathe and our hearts beat quite autonomously throughout our lives. Plants perform photosynthesis, produce flowers, fruits, vegetables and seeds in a regular annual rhythm. Those activities can rightly be referred to as forms of Life Force Energy and it makes sense even if it’s not exactly a scientific term.

The New Science of Life Force Information Fields - Part 1 (Abstract Image)The concept of having information associated with Life Force Energy is a bit more abstract. Life Force Energy itself is subtle, and it’s not visible although there some ways of measuring and quantifying it.  A simple way to relate to an even more abstract concept like information in a subtle energy field is by using an analogy.

One analogy we can use for this purpose is that of a compass which is reading the subtle magnetic field of the Earth to provide directional information to the user of the compass. Here you have an instrument (the compass) detecting a subtle field associated with the magnetic energy of the Earth. That field has information in it that can be beneficial to us. In this case it’s the directional information held in that field which is helpful to the one using the compass.

Our bodies are like the compass, and Life Force Energy and its field are like the magnetic field of the Earth which has beneficial information just waiting for us to make use of. Our bodies naturally do this when they are healthy. It’s this information they obtain from the Life Force Energy fields that keeps them healthy too.

However, there are a great many things that can occur in life that can interfere with your body’s natural ability to carry out this natural function. Subtle energy healers refer to these interferences as energy blocks or obstructions. Through the ages more superstitious types have referred to them as demons and devils that need to be exorcised.

The New Science of Life Force Information Fields - Part 1 (Abstract Spiral Image)By contrast, with this new model of Life Force Energy Information Fields we can understand how nature works its miracles of fusion and manifestation by effortlessly embedding different strengths of these fields in a frequency spectrum that also lies beyond the tangible matter state which we are used to seeing and touching. Our ‘5’ senses will only perceive the phenomena that relate to the Life Force and physical field strengths that our biological system is attuned to; however we do have the potential, and with varying abilities, to perceive realities that are finer than the physical state which we are accustomed to. This is because our higher senses are in fact connected with superluminal (faster than light) realities.

Our ultimate goal here is to come to an understanding and knowledge of ourselves as Co-creators and Magnificent Beings who are living expressions of Life Force Energy in its full unbridled glory – it’s just that we’ve been so ‘busy’ that we’ve forgotten about this part of reality and existence.  To this end the technologies or projects that Orynoco encourages you to explore are there to quicken you back into your innate inner awareness regarding life and its subtler processes.

The New Science of Life Force Information Fields - Part 1 (Brain Hemisphere Characteristics)​By making the TSE and hyperoxide-coating metal plates and thereby experiencing the related Life Force Energy field interactions, you can then see and feel how they express and affect the processes of life. You can also ascertain how these same processes manifest and work through yourself.  Eventually you will become aware that you’re already plugged into the Big Picture; that you’re able to direct these fundamental life force energy fields from a realm that exists beyond this dimension and speed of light constant for your own and other being’s benefit. These energies and their information fields are all embedded within your multi-dimensional being already. They’re just waiting the moment that your awareness re-connects them into your current conscious human experience.

If you’re able to align and focus the two hemispheres of your brain properly, you can perfectly embed the rational/ordering/conjugating/centripetal/healing or gravitational life force fields, with the feeling/sensing/expressive/centrifugal or magnetical life force energy fields within your dynamic being. You would then be empowered to steer these two life force energy charges to manifest conditions in accord with your intentions.  Any thought (gravitational) that is in coherence with the heart (magnetical) will be reasonably effective in this manner. A ‘cloud’ of Life force energy/charge gathers whenever human intention and feeling converge in this coherent manner.

​Eventually we will all learn how we can consciously control the fields of life force energy that bring internal healing, or facilitate the healing and growth of things around us. We will also be empowered to self-realise nourishment, warmth, shelter, and even the ability to travel within space-time, through these magnetical-gravitational Life Force Energy fields. If indeed we are made in the Image of God or the Living Life Force, this must all be true, and the Masters and Messengers of all ages have simply been trying to remind us of it!



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