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  • The New Science of Life Force Information Fields – Part 2

Science of Life Force Energy Part2 (Primary Light Sacred Geometry Fractal)The Life Force Energy I’m referring to in this emerging model can, in its principal state, also be called un-manifest di-electric inertia or primary light.  In other words it’s a universal field of pure information waiting to be utilised, processed, given expression and expanded purpose. Magnetism and gravity are the properties of quantum sub-atomic vortices of energy from which Life Force Energy is also derived. These are energies that can be defined as radiating fields (magnetic) or convergent fields (gravitational) which exist inside infinite vortexial space.  20th century physics still contends that these fields fill ‘space’ versus being properties of the vortex energy that actually creates space.

Variations in the density of these primary fields manifest distinct fields in magnitude and polarity, thus creating the effects of force and motion. It is this mediation of field density that creates spacial and counterspacial (repulsion and attraction) phenomena through all levels of creation.

Science of Life Force Energy Part2 (Magnetic and Gravitational Fields Fractal)As primary magnetic fields unwind, expand and reduce in strength, they become transition state matter energies, and then transition state magnetic fields. Then as they expand and reduce further in strength they become matter-bound magnetic fields. In the magnetic field strength of the matter environment these fields then manifest as what we know as tangible matter. The only difference between primary matter and tangible matter is to be found in their magnetic field strength and compactness.  If you were to unwind a blob of primary matter that’s about 10cm in diameter into its counterpart  tangible matter state, you would have a matter entity several thousands of meters in diameter. This is because the energy potential in primary matter is much greater than that of tangible matter, and as always e=mc2.

The principles of gravity also apply to the interaction inside the neutron between primary matter, transition matter and tangible matter. In one model the neutron is also considered to be mainly composed of these three fundamental matters.

Science of Life Force Energy Part2 (Quantum Cold Plasma Fractal)Hitherto, it was assumed that the neutron was composed of three quarks, one up and two down. One model states that tiny magnetic fields are the real fundamental particles originating from a cosmic magnetic soup. Fields of similar strength can entangle in a dynamic pack. In this model three packs with different strengths make the three basic types of matter defined herein and they can interlock to make the initial fundamental particle, the neutron. This neutron can decay into a proton and an electron, and both still contain parts of the matter trinity of the original informational fields. They each have an individual and a collective magnetospheric condition which is ruled by magnetic and gravitational field strengths.

By creating and using a magnetic field strength higher than the magnetic and gravitational field strength of an entity (atom, particle, ray, etc.) one can create conditions which cause the fusion of atoms, field energies, particles, rays etc. without creating heat or needing to collide particles at high speed to force their fusion. In the principal magnetic field state of matter, matter operates more as a transition state element. The magnetic field strengths of the environment define the appearance of an element in a given condition, and in all cases the tangibility of matter is the consequence of these conditions. The transition elements of matter can take on all lattice structure combinations of the elements. However, for the pure matter state of one element to be converted to another, sources of high heat and pressure are needed. In the universe almost all conversion of lattices is done through the transition states of matter and not the actual atoms of matter.  Witness all the silent and powerful dynamics in operation throughout nature, without any forceful efforts.

Science of Life Force Energy Part2 (Quantum Human Biofield Energy)​It’s the life force energy informational fields that are generated from these dynamics, and which may even be giving birth to them simultaneously!  Bio-fields have been referred to for over a century by pioneering investigators (and felt and seen forever by sensitive folk). They would seem to be related to part of the spectrum of fundamental fields from which our various bodies eventually materialise (like nesting Russian dolls). We have our matter state body, then etheric body, still within this 3rd dimension, and on to our astral body, mental body and spiritual body and further… each occurring in quantum leaps of frequency, light speed and field potential.

​How is this new science of life force energy information fields related to the life force energy that Mr Kirlian was able to record?  Further, how is it related to the bio-energies perceived by Harry Oldfield’s NEV photography, which are used to diagnose disease before it reaches the tangible matter state?  Dr. Oldfield describes a universal ordering matrix that provides the invisible scaffold off which matter state atoms and molecules are hung.

The Kirlian technique makes the bio-field visible with a high voltage charge which creates high electric pressure.  Our aura is a weak high frequency cold plasma field, and is energy and information dense. There is a high voltage (HV) bias under the Kirlian glass plate. Your aura directs the HV and steers the direction of the discharge, giving information as it reaches the plate. The Kirlian bio-field is just one part of the total spectrum of the fundamental life force energy information fields.​ Our chakra system can be understood as a system of vortices that implode higher frequency fields, creating a bridge between our tangible matter state (physical body) and our higher superluminal life force energy bodies (spiritual or soul nature).


Science of Life Force Energy Part2 (Wave Energy Reality)


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