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Therapists, Hosts & Partners

Most people represented on the ‘Interactive Map’ and in the ‘Detailed Listings’ below have an Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit Version 4 (WSU V4) and/or Version 2 (WSU V2). Those whom have made a commitment to sponsor what we refer to as ‘WSU V4 Quantum Experience Sessions’ in their units will have this listed in their offerings. All of the people with the ‘WSU V4 Quantum Experience Sessions’ listing will offer you at least one initial Quantum Experience Session without any cost to you. Please contact a Host in your area to obtain further information and/or to book your Quantum Experience Session.

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More detailed contact information can be obtained in the ‘Detailed Listings’ tab.

If you are contacting any of our therapists or partners by email be sure to use ‘WSU Quantum Experience Session Enquiry’ in the subject line.

Alicia Mâ Ri Atu Mâ – Hush Hour

Andrea Mackrell

Andy (AJ) Roberts

Anne Tisch

Ashley Lugg

Candace Cox

Carol Fenner ~ My Inner Self

Catherine Dustan

Catherine Marshall – Hand on Heart

Chris Bright

Chris Corcoran

Christina Hunt

Daynna Claire Southern

Donna Byatt – Elements of Avebury

Dee Phipps – Munay Ki Initiated Shaman & Reiki Practitioner

Eleanor Hajee

Gill Perry – Oxygen Therapy Wales

Helen King – First Class Therapies

Jaimie Michael – Oxy-Den

Jackie Cross

Jane Spencer

Jilly Kinsey-Wellings

Joanne Huckstepp

Joe Hayes

John Sinclair

Karen Dixson – Home Tutoring

Karen Rule

Kate Jasmine

Kathy Mingo

Kerry Bavin – Soul Triage Energy Medicine

Krishan Ramyead – Chiropracter w/ 16 years Experience

Lisa Steel – Optimal Health

Loulou James

Maxine Martin

Megan Taylor – One Life

Melissa Wilson – Light Therapies

Michele Williams Esoterics

Mike Traynor – Zen Physio w/ 23 yrs experience

Nikki Gresham-Record

Nikoleta Zolnerova

Nina – Clinical Therapist at ‘The Zone’

Padmavajri Helen Argent

Paula Marije Clegg – Holding the Space

Rachael Pritchard – Mother Nature’s Remedies

Rosalind Shapiro

Roy & Maggie Brooks – NFSH Healer Members

Ruth Anderson-Gleason

Sam Cooper

Sarah Dargue – Reiki Master & Master Teacher

Sarah Miller – Reiki and Rahanni Healing

Sarah Williams – Organic Aromatherapy

Sonja Manhart

Steve & Madeleine Forsyth – The Lighthouse Healing

Warren Bowden