Therapists & Partners

Everyone represented on the ‘Interactive Map’ and in the ‘Detailed Listings’ below has an Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit Version 4 (WSU V4) and/or Version 2 (WSU V2). They have made a commitment to sponsor what we refer to as ‘Experience Sessions’ in their units. Some of them may charge a small fee and others may offer it for free. Please contact one in your area to obtain current information and/or to book your Experience Session.

You can click or tap the markers on the Interactive Map to quickly see the therapist or partner represented along with some basic information.

More detailed contact information can be obtained in the ‘Detailed Listings’ tab.

If you are contacting any of our therapists or partners by email be sure to use ‘WSU Experience Session Enquiry’ in the subject line.

Ashley Lugg

Daynna Claire Southern

Donna Byatt – Elements of Avebury

Jackie Cross

Jilly Kinsey-Wellings

Joe Hayes

Katy Sizeland

Laura Oseland

Lisa Steel – Health Optimising

Nikki Gresham-Record

Orynoco Experience Room

Padmavajri Helen Argent

Sonja Manhart