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Wholeness Support Unit V2 User Info

Below you’ll find information on our Wholeness Support Unit Version 2 (WSU V2). This includes guidance on getting your WSU assembled and setup, preparing your environment and body for optimal results, and other important guidelines.

The WSU V2 shown on in the photo has protective acrylic cylinders around the reactor heads. It also does NOT use any cables or power adapter as our older version once did. Rather it has an additional small perspex unit with a plastic protective sleeve placed over it attached to the lower area of the reactor heads. This is a quantum type of ‘antenna’ which enables the reactor heads to communicate with each other via the quantum field. We’ll be referring to this new model as ‘WSU V2.’

User Guide & Instructions

  • Contra-indications

We are currently aware of the following contra-indications:

  1. Metal implants and pins.
  2. Pacemakers.
  3. Serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

If anyone who would be using the WSU V2 has any of these, please contact us prior to renting so we can provide you with more detailed information. We can offer you a same-cost alternative that does not have these contra-indication problems, but this is not currently available online.

  • Placement

Two Heads End On Closeup 1 :: Wholeness Support Unit Version 2 - Focused Life Force Energy for Consciousness, Healing, Meditation and Relaxation
Please pay close attention to the information herein regards preparing your location space. It’s also highly recommended to utilise a dowser/geomancer to test your proposed location for the presence of any geopathic stress spots which may adversely affect the balance and proper functioning of your Wholeness Support Unit. Depending on your location we may be able to recommend a qualified dowser/geomancer that’s familiar with our technology and its unique requirements. Otherwise we can advise you regards finding a qualified dowser/geomancer in your area.

IMPORTANT: Please e-sign the ‘Purchase & Use Agreement’ or Rental Agreement’ if you haven’t already so that we can ship your system to you. Directly after you place your order we will send you an email with an e-sign request for this document. This will also activate your hardware warranty. It also confirms to us you’re aware that to optimise your experience of the Wholeness Support Unit system, your site location should be properly assessed and prepared before use. We strongly encourage this step because it usually makes a significant difference in the benefits that you can possibly receive while using your Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit V2. 

  • WSU Version 2 Assembly

Wholeness Support Unit Version 1 User Experiences & Testimonials Post Category Image

WSU V2: you can assemble your Wholeness Support Unit using the step by step instructions in the video below. This is a rather straight forward and fairly easy to understand system to assemble. We therefore believe that the assembly video below will be all that you will need to get you going. If you happen to need further assistance please contact us.

  • Conditioning Your Environment

Even if you won’t be starting your sessions right away we recommend you setup your unit as soon as your space has been prepared. This is because when your unit is setup and energized, a healthy and highly beneficial plasma energy field will permeate your entire environment. You may or may not sense its presence, but it will be there regardless to beneficially support you even when you’re not doing sessions.

  • Preparing Your Body Prior to Sessions

If you are new to using a Wholeness Support Unit, please begin your process by drinking TSE water for 3 to 7 days prior to starting your sessions. This will help balance your body’s energy fields and your mind and emotions to better prepare you for your first sessions in the unit. This helps you to be able to receive many more of the benefits which may be available to you from your new Wholeness Support Unit.

  • Charging & Using Your TSE Drinking Water

TSE Charged Water = water informed or charged by placing a sealed vial of TSE next to or in your drinking water.

Place the Transition State Elements (TSE) vial(s) that are enclosed into a glass dispenser (e.g. a Kilner 5L drinks dispenser) filled with clean water such as Volvic water or filtered tap water. Allow the vial(s) of TSE time to charge the water. This can take several hours. Your TSE Charged Water be used after only 2 hours, but it will have a stronger charge and be more effective if left for up to 8 hours.

Drink 30-50ml of your TSE Charged Water at least three times a day. It’s quite important to drink some of your TSE water before you go to sleep each night. You can also add it to your tea and coffee if you wish. You can drink as much TSE Charged Water as you like. You can even add some to your bath, laundry and cooking too. You can also water your plants with the TSE Charged Water. Your dogs, cats and other pets will love it as well.

We recommend adding it into all of the water that you use every day so that a healthy field can more completely permeate your entire environment as much as possible. After 3-7 days of drinking TSE Charged Water you will be ready to begin your first sessions in your new Wholeness Support Unit.

  • Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit Session Guidelines

CAUTION: people who have a pacemaker, metal implants or metal joint replacements CANNOT use the Orynoco WSU V2.

Put on some of your favourite music, light some candles, oils or incense as you prefer. A typical session in the Wholeness Support Unit lasts 15-40 minutes. It’s best to start with shorter duration sessions to begin with and work up.

Sit on a comfortable chair positioned between the 4 tripods. Remove your shoes so you can sit with your feet grounded on the floor and sit peacefully. You could even read a good book during your sessions. It’s important that you relax and not stress about anything. Just let your Wholeness Support Unit do its job!

If you feel uncomfortable take a break and try again later. If you feel well and great, you can spend a longer time in the unit and repeat the session again after a few hours. Either way, it’s important to do a session before you go to sleep. You may feel sleepy during or after a session, in which case just go have a good rest.

You can repeat sessions daily if you wish and you’re not feeling any adverse reactions. If you are limited on time or have some mild reactions then do sessions just 3 times a week.

You can follow this preparation pattern initially for about 2-3 weeks, then review your progress. Keeping a journal of what you are experiencing can be quite helpful for the purpose of review. Keep records in your journal of how you feel each day, what’s changing in you, and so forth.

Sometimes re-balancing can feel odd or uncomfortable. This is sort of like moving into a wonderful new home where you like the new space, but there’s a period of dis-comfort while you’re getting used to the new home space. Be patient with yourself and trust in the process.

Mankind has used natural products to maintain wholeness and vitality since time immemorial. The informational fields imparted by the Wholeness Support Unit and the Transition State Elements (TSE) are entirely natural. They may be of help to you in achieving greater energetic balance, peace and wholeness at all levels of a being, be it human or animal.

Remember always that your new Wholeness Support Unit is NOT a medical device. The usage guidance provided above is not medical advice. The use of your Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit does not replace conventional medical treatments and/or care. The Transition State Elements (TSE) are not medicines. Our products do not diagnose, cure or treat any diseases. If you have any sort of medical or health condition you should immediately seek the help and care of a licensed doctor or health care professional.


WSU Version 2 Shown Above

The four tripods with the mounted frosted white tubes that contain the clear reactor heads within them, set up a Life Force Information Field that is more focused than in a normal environment. The fields also contain qualities and information imparted by the Transition State Elements (TSE) that have been applied to the black coils that you can see inside the reactor heads within their protective tubes. Generally, these TSE fields are resonant with the main elements found in your amino acid structures.

When you sit in the space that exists between the tripods, these information fields will flow to find balance with your own subtle energy fields. In this way they can replenish information that you need. Missing or corrupted information is the underlying cause of most imbalances. Therefore, rejuvenating your subtle life force energy and it’s associated information fields helps restore your state of balance.

WSU V2 Shown Above

See User Guide
See User Experiences

The four tripods are adjustable so that their heights can be set to suit the setting of a bed, chair meditation cushion or other seating/lying arrangement. The reactor heads are attached to the tripods with mounting brackets. The mounting brackets are adjustable to enable the heads to be tilted for various adjustments of field overlap. These various angles of overlap can produce considerably different results and allow for fine tuning the system to each individuals needs. There is no set formula for determining the angles the reactor heads should be set at.  For starting out we do recommend having the heads pointing mostly upwards versus being angled towards you. The energy is less intense this way.

Acrylic protective tubes removed so internal designs can be seen.

Each reactor head contains four mounted superoxide-coated copper coils. Each coil carries a blend of information fields derived from being further coated with various types of TSE. Together these build a field strength gradient relative to one another, thereby enabling a dynamic flow of subtle life force energy fields. The reference field set up by all four reactor heads can then respond to the needs of the body or living organism positioned in the space at the centre of the tripods with their reactor heads mounted.

When you sit in the space between the tripods these information fields will flow to find balance with your own, and in this way they can add information that you need and remove imbalance, or information that is not naturally a part of the original you. It is a bit like reaching neutral pH again.

Cocoon Info: Obtain, Setup & Use
Meditation • Wholeness • Relaxation • Folding

Below you’ll find information on using what we call a Cocoon. This includes guidance on how to set it up and charge it, and some of the ways you can use it for the benefit of yourself, your family and friends. The PDF download has all of this same information in it for you as well

  • Where To Get Your Cocoon

You can obtain ready made popup Cocoons on Amazon or Ebay.

If you wish to build your own frame to have something like the Pyramid or the Tubular Drape Cocoons we have shown , you will need to obtain the mosquito net mesh that has to be placed over and fastened to whatever frame you make, or have made. Again, you can obtain this on Amazon or Ebay.

Choose materials that are all natural fibres whenever possible, but your cocoon experiences will still be effective even if you must use man made fibres.

  • Cocoon Setup & Preparations

Additional Items Needed:

Location: it’s best when possible to be out in nature in the shade shade when it’s not windy. However, a nicely prepared indoor space with your favourite relaxing music is also good.

Prepare Water for Cocoon Spraying: this can be either tap water or distilled but a more potent application can be achieved using distilled water. Charge for at least 30 minutes prior to application… charging consists of placing the TSE, in its container, either in the immediate proximity of the water container or directly inside it. We’re currently running tests to see if a longer exposure creates a more potent mix and will advise on this in due course. Watch the video below for a demo on charging your water. You will need to choose one of the types of TSE to use from your TSE collection for this purpose. Here are their qualities, and to start out with we would recommend either the ZnO or the CO2 types.

  • CO2 – rebalancing
  • Zinc – relaxing
  • Copper – cleaning
  • Shungite – clearing (EMF for example)
  • Iron – more invigorating
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  • Preparing Your Cocoon

Once your water is charged, spray your charged water water on the whole of the cocoon material allowing water to spray through the material. Hold an intent to create a charged field within the cocoon as you spray. On the popup cocoons spray them with the door zipped shut. Then you can open it and make up your relaxation mattress or cushions to suit yourself. Re-spray the access door once your inside and have it zipped close again.

The cocoon material is comprised of myriads of cross-fibre connections. In energetic terms the cross is a point of energy and therefore multiple crosses ramp up the value of the TSE water as an energetic information field. The user is thus also breathing in the charged field as well as ‘bathing’ in it. TSE water taken into the body via the lungs is a great way to achieve results.

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to spray your cocoon. If you have two Quantum Loops you can also add them around the cocoon as shown in the video, but they are not required by any means.

A Quantum Loop can also be used to charge the water you use to spray you cocoon with. Simply wrap the Quantum Loop around your water container ( preferably glass) and leave it for at least an hour. The water will then be ready for spraying your cocoon!

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Now that your cocoon is setup and prepared for use you can begin your session in it.

  • Session Guidelines

We recommend that your first session be approximately 20 minutes long. However, if you’re a regular energy worker a 30-45 minute session may be manageable and appropriate depending on how you’re guided. We ultimately recommend for everyone to use their own inner guidance system to determine their session lengths and frequency.

During your session the field that has been created inside the cocoon acts as a facilitator. It will interface with you and your intent. As a result you are the driver of the process and you must be willing to take full responsibility for your session and its results or you will be somewhat limited regards what may be possible.

Peoples experiences in the cocoons have varied greatly. They have ranged from simply falling asleep until the end of their session, to experiencing sensory changes (smell sound and movement), to having deeply felt connections with loved ones and/or other beings. Each person’s experience is always going to be totally unique unto them. There are therefore no restrictions here except that as is usually sensible, don’t do too much in the first few sessions. Wait until you have adjusted to the space to spend more delightful time in your cocoon.

Allow time after  your session to relax and ground yourself before moving on into the rest of your day.

  • Cocoon Sleeping

Many people have felt the benefits of the cocoon field immediately and have then decided to quickly incorporate the cocoon into their sleeping arrangements either for short nap type breaks or for the whole night. Most people report a deeply relaxing sleep is enjoyed, although it will of course depend on the TSE you have used to charge the water you’ve sprayed your cocoon with. Again, a very quick guide for this is:

  • CO2 – rebalancing
  • Zinc – relaxing
  • Copper – cleaning
  • Shungite – clearing (EMF for example)
  • Iron – more invigorating

This is a very simple, quick and immediate way to experience the TSE quality. We have various people with different conditions experimenting and feeding back information and we will update our website as the information flows back to us. Essentially, you the user are the initiator and the point of empowerment… nothing is being done to you. More investigations are underway and we will update our information from time to time.

If you’re stumped on how to get your Cocoon folded back up watch the video below.

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Below you’ll find information and diagrams that will help you better understand all the basic components of, and how to setup and use your Agricultural Reactors.  You can download and print the PDF version of this page to keep handy as a reference guide as you setup your reactors.


The potential for growing plants and crops by creating an optimised energetic environment around them is immense with potential for enhanced vitality, mineral content, yields, and a reduction in pests.

We believe that the Orynoco Agricultural Reactors naturally produce a flow of life force energy and information fields between themselves and the 3 nature realms of soil, plant and atmosphere.

The main TSE (Transition State Elements) used in our reactors are related to the elements of Carbon and Oxygen (CO2), Zinc (ZnO), Iron (CH3), and  Magnesium. These are names that we relate to as elements. However, on another level of reality they refer to different field strengths of life force energy and/or natural information fields.

We propose a mechanism of action whereby a natural dynamic may be set up by the TSE materials which the reactors contain. These energy flows should then be able to change the field strength environment around a plant, providing relevant life force energy and information for growth, stabilising temperatures, and controlling pests. When a plant is happy and healthy it does not ‘invite’ natures way of recycling it, which is through pests and pathogens.


There are three basic reactor types as shown below. The first two types have both an inner and outer chamber, each with a different type of TSE within them. The third reactor type has only a single chamber.

The first type of reactor has two antenna, one of which gets inserted into the ground and the other which then projects up into the air. The second reactor has only one antenna which gets inserted into the ground. The third reactor type has no antenna and gets suspended in the air 1-4 meters above the ground level. This third reactor should be suspended in the air somewhere in the general vicinity of where the other two reactors are located

NOTE: we are currently planning on conducting further research into what types of reactor setups, placements and configurations will be optimal for various agricultural purposes. First become familiar with the Agricultural Reactors by using whichever of the 9 Reactor Setups we outline below that make most sense for you.  You can then be an extended part of our research team by simply using your Agricultural Reactors. You would do this by taking careful notes as what you've done. We'd particularly be interested in knowing the following:

  • The type of crop(s) you were raising.
  • The type of soil you have.
  • The reactor setup(s) you used (see below).
  • The distance bewteen each of the reactors in your setup(s).
  • A drawing denoting the geometric configuration your reactors were placed in.
  • The height you suspended your Reactor Type 3 above the ground, if one was used.
  • Any unusual criteria that may have affected your results other than the reactors.
  • Your crop results in terms of yields above/below normal.
  • Your operational results regards the need to water, add nutrients to the soil and control pests.
  • Your overall rating on a scale of 1-10 of how well the Agricultural Reactors Setup you used worked for you.

Below you'll find photos and more specs for each of the three reactors we offer as part of this system.






CH3/CH3 amino acids

Inverse Option: ZnO/ZnO amino acids | CO2/CO2 amino acids


ZnO/ZnO amino acids | CO2/CO2 amino acids

Inverse Option: CH3/CH3 amino acids

One antennae gets inserted into the ground, the other is in the air.



CH3/CH3 amino acids

Inverse Option: ZnO/ZnO amino acids | CO2/CO2 amino acids


ZnO/ZnO amino acids | CO2/CO2 amino acids

Inverse Option: CH3/CH3 amino acids

The single antennae gets inserted into the ground.



CH3/CH3 amino acids

Inverse Option: ZnO/ZnO amino acids | CO2/CO2 amino acids

The entire reactor is suspended in the air from 1-4 meters above ground level.


Below you will find 9 separate diagrams. Each of them visually outlines one of our recommended reactor layout configurations. The TSE combinations and configurations shown are important to the effectiveness of each of the 9 setups shown. We strongly recommend that you work with these 9 setups before venturing into experimenting with other possibilities. Doing so wil give you a better sense of  what you should expect from a decent setup. Once you know what our setups can do for your crops and plants, you’ll be able to then tell if any variations on these setups you may come up with are any better.

If you have any questions about how to setup these layouts we’ve provided please contact us for support and assistance.


The agricultural reactors consist of nested acrylic balls containing different types of TSE in them. In each pair the contents are alternated… e.g the TSE in the Reactor Type 1 central ball is the same type as that in Reactor Type 2 in the outer ball. We believe that this configuration creates a dynamic flow of life force energy and information between the two reactors.

Plants are 42-45% Carbon, 45% Oxygen, 6% Hydrogen and 0.1-0.6% Nitrogen, (total c.96%). It therefore stand to reason that the Carbon and Oxygen life force information fields may be able to directly interact with and bring balance to the primary systems in a plant. We have generally obeserved that the aerial parts of a plant tend to respond to the Co2/ZnO TSE (connects with air and light elements), whereas the root parts respond better to the CH3 or Nitrogen TSE. You can thus plan how you add additional life force energy and information connections into your agricultural operations based in this general guidance.

Human Hemoglobin and Plant Chlorophyll Chemistry ComparisonThe life force information fields themselves aren’t artificially generated. They instead naturally radiate from the Transition State Elements which are in a condition whereby their life force information fields appear to be quite readily bio-available. These life force fields convey the information that characterizes the particular TSEs that is being used. Each type of TSE has it’s own unique life force information field.

The way to assess the effects of the reactors and any other applications of the TSE life force information fields you may use, is to observe any changes in the way you need to minister to your plants/crops, and any change in growth patterns, etc.

It’s also useful to use water from your water butts and a manual sprayer that has been treated this way so that even more of these vital life force energy connections are made.


These are 2 fantastically inspiring books, which amongst other fascinating topics observe the natural alchemy that characterizes all the effortless and beautiful ways of the plant kingdoms. They are still available from many of the used booksellers online.