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Vanessa Underwood – Coping with Lyme Disease Shared User Experience

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Vanessa participated in a free trial of the Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) and Transition State Elements (TSE). She speaks honestly about her results in this video up to the point where it was recorded in September 2020.

She contracted Lyme Disease after being bit by a tick in her garden and reports it was much worse than the rheumatoid arthritis she has also dealt with, mostly in the past. Vanessa relates that she feels using our Wholeness Support Unit (WSU) has helped her restore balance in her body, mind and spirit and this has helped her to start moving beyond the more debilitating effects of Lyme Disease.

Balance is always the key to wholeness and when it can be restored to the body then the body’s own innate healing abilities can be optimised. We have developed the WSU just for this purpose and it’s always quite rewarding to receive such positive feedback as Vanessa has provided.

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Vanessa’s Unedited Videos

Below you’ll find the unedited videos used to produce the edited video above so you can see we haven’t altered this users intent or meaning.

Full Interview

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April – Sept. 2020

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