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You’ve Been Successfully Removed…

You’ve been successfully removed from the from the Wholeness Support Unit Rental Email Series! Thank you for engaging our WSU Rental Program. You will no longer receive emails associated with the WSU rentals. Should you ever rent the WSU again the same email series will start over from the beginning but you can always request to be removed by contacting us in such case.

When your rental period has expired you have up to 7 days to return your WSU rental to us as per the Rental Agreement you signed as follows:

I agree that the day after my rental period ends I must return the Wholeness Support Unit to ORYNOCO LTD. The date of posting on my return shipment must be within 7 days of the end of my rental period. I must use a tracked method of shipping and ensure that there is at least £1,000 cover included in the event that the shipment is lost or damaged. If I do not include this amount of cover then I understand that I will be self-insuring the shipment and that I will be personally liable for any shipping damages or a lost shipment.

Failing to get your unit back to us in a timely manner could adversely affect your ability to receive a full refund on your £500 deposit as per your Rental Agreement.

Please contact us to obtain the return address you’ll need for this purpose.